Offence over military emblem ends Durham Region Camp X exhibit


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Apr 17, 2017
Twin Moose Creek
So no official complaints? Just a new committee decision that it be removed or modified? Then sent out fake news that the owner closed it down himself over COVID? I think the inclusion committee should be removed or modified

“It said they have a new ‘diversity and inclusion committee’ and they made a recommendation to the (region) chair (the exhibit) be ‘removed, reduced or modified,” he said.
At least they found a new home and all is not lost do to imbeciles
Hodgson packed up the exhibit on Dec. 6 — the camp’s 79th birthday — but it won’t be boxed up for long.

The exhibit has been gladly accepted by Casa Loma — itself a site for covert wartime research — for inclusion in an upcoming spy museum, the first of its kind in Canada.
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