Nobel Peace Prize


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Mar 18, 2013
Washington DC
Hard to believe the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize went to the UN's World Food Programme, and not to Jesus Superman Trump.

Clearly a Communist anti-Christian Democratic Kenyan Muslim BLM Antifa Socialist Deep State Hillary Ping-Pong Pizza Martian Child Sex Slave plot!

I mean, when did Jesus ever talk about feeding the hungry. Nope, Jesus commanded us to kill the queers and keep out Meskins!


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Oct 9, 2004
A few of them seem to be going of the rails lately . They must be running on empty , running scared .

Well when you keep losing and keep being proven wrong on almost everything then it's bound to send you a bit doolally. They've had to endure Trump and Brexit. They see big companies and sporting events going broke when they go woke. They've had to endure lockdowns being proven to have been wrong. And they've still got to endure Trump winning next month. So it's bound to take a psychological and emotional toll eventually.