Need home furnishing salvage ideas for green home make-over tv show


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Hey guys. I need some help and i know you all can help me ...

You see these images that i lifted from this green living blog which show some home furnishings that are re-used industrial items

and this one?

You see these things are industrial pallets, probably hardwood, but instead of being employed under forklift loads of consumer goods, they are finding another use - one is a coffee table and the other is now shelving. So these are cheap home make-over ideas and thats what the show is about. Please keep your judgements regarding show viability to yourself - is not my idea, i just need to find 24 things that are trash recycled as home furnishings.

So what else do you know like these wood pallets as furnishings? I'm looking for things that are using by industry and then discarded

any ideas are helpful. Thanks.

L Gilbert

Nov 30, 2006
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Wood from pallets is pretty handy, yep, as well as a lot of other reclaimed wood. Broken or worn out sawblades are handy for a variety of things. There is a variety of industrial castoffs that one can make lamps from. Dog and cat beds can be made from cedar chips and a little fabric. Empty bottles are good for a variety of things. I built a BBQ out of a worn out drum one time and used an old washing machine motor and old bicycle gears and chain for a rotisserie for it.


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Jan 23, 2009
Ask university / college students- they always exhibit innovation with furniture.