Mobile display to PC display?


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Mar 12, 2019
Hi everyone. Just about today, I was watching some youtube videos as usual where mobile displays where reviewed, when i came out with a question. Is it posible to connect a mobile display (say Moto G4 Play display for example) to a PC to use it as a monitor?
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Dec 7, 2020
I hope I am not too late in answering this. Most of the smart devices like smart TVs and smartphones come with a Chromecast feature that can help you connect your smartphone to any other device and you can view all the content in the bigger device. My friend has this BLU gaming smartphone with mediatek g90t chipset and he connects this device to his TV to play Call of Duty on a much bigger screen. It looks quite awesome. There are some other software as well which can be downloaded in both the smartphones and the TVs.