Latest Nanos polling: CPC 36 LPC28 NDP 21 As of January 13


Council Member
Aug 9, 2022
The actual poll is still subscription only but you can see the results on the wikipedia page:

That would most likely produce a minority gov't for the CPC. However, election campaigns matter and it's quite possible that the cpc would gain momentum and jump up 3-5 points which would put them in majority territory.

I don't think there's much doubt that Trudeau was considering the possibility of a 2023 election if he saw any weakness from the CPC rather than wait and give PP time to really consolidate his gains and prepare for an election in 3 years. But i think that unless these numbers change he'll be pretty reluctant to pull the trigger.

Expect the ndp to push hard while they think they have the liberals in a tight spot. The ndp hasn't gone down but they haven't gone up and there's signs their support is weak, so they have to do something to win back some base voters and attract some liberals.