Latest Abacus Data Poll - Conservatives Ahead in Key areas, some interesting results


Council Member
Aug 9, 2022

Some key takeaways. BTW - for those who don't knpw abacus tends to not favour the CPC and usually comes in a little low for them.

If an election were held today, 34% would vote for the Conservative Party, 31% for the Liberal Party, 18% for the NDP and 6% for the BQ.

The Conservatives are ahead in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Conservatives also have a small 3-point advantage in Ontario.
CPC ahead in ontario at this point is a very good news thing for them.

Today, 35% approve, and 47% disapprove of the performance of the federal government, a two point drop in both measures since mid-September.

When asked to select the three most important issues facing Canada today, 3 in 4 selected the rising cost of living, followed by healthcare (47%), the economy (45%), housing affordability (36%), and climate change and the environment (19%).

On the top issue of the rising cost of living, the Conservatives have a substantial advantage over the other parties. 32% picked the Conservatives followed by the NDP at 16% and the Liberals at 15%.

The three main parties are within a few points of each other on healthcare while the NDP and Liberals are basically tied on indigenous reconciliation.

Today, 50% of Canadians definitely want to see a change in government while another 12% would like to see change but say it’s not that important to them. In contrast, 37% would like to see the Liberals re-elected but only 14% say they definitely want the Liberals re-elected.

The bottom line is that the support for the libs hasn't collapsed yet and while they're down they're not out. But - PP and the CPC are gaining strength and there's a very clear opportunity to blow the libs away entirely next election.