Is It Time To Rename Lake Simcoe


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Jul 18, 2017
Big Bay, Awhitu, New Zeala
28C? Warmer than the Bahamas eh?
28C. is 82F, too hot for Simcoe.
I only swam and snorkelled on Grand Bahama Island in the CDN winter.
It rained for 2 weeks and I was shooting still photography for the Grand Bahama Hotel, and every beach looks like crap in the rain.
So I snorkelled with the staff, drifting from a ww2 landing craft, troops, with the engine shut off, where we would drift over the coral reefs, dive down and grab King Conches, throw them in the boat and hover over the reefs and do it again.
The best snorkelling in my life.
Back on the beach, we would throw the Conche shells hard onto the beach until the muscle critter got forced out, slice him up, and fry with bacon.
mmmmmmmm, good.
I cant remember what we boiled the shell in, but it would clean the barnackles off, then, polish them up and flog them off to the touristas.
@20 buck a piece,.
Big bucks, back in 1971.
Can't remember the sea temps but it was most agreeable.