Fungi: Web of Life at the BFI IMAX in London and Soon in Vancouver!

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Mar 4, 2009
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Fungi: Web of Life screenings at London IMAX, an interview on BBC Radio 3, hot sauce, and more…
Booking is now open for Fungi: Web of Life at the BFI IMAX in London!

These are the first screenings to launch a year of Fungi: Web of Life at the London IMAX where it's become the most requested film of recent times! More screenings will be announced soon and will be available at the same link. Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm.


For those not in reach of London, you can visit my website to find out about other places that the film is showing. If the film is not listed at your nearest IMAX / fulldome / Giant Screen cinema, please contact them to request it. The film is showing at the London IMAX because enough people wrote to the cinema to request it.

For those in Canada, the film will be showing at a range of non-IMAX cinemas across the country on an 'on demand' basis. If enough people book for a screening, the screening will happen. If you're in Canada and interested please visit this page.

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Fungi: Web of Life is about the ways that fungi have shaped life on Earth for over a billion years, and how we might partner with them to adapt to the radical change of our times.

It’s narrated by Björk, who speaks the story with extraordinary magic and sensitivity.

It features astonishing fungal time lapse photography from some of the best fungal photographers working today, including Steve Axford, Patrick Hickey, and Wim van Egmond. Much of this footage depicts aspects of fungal life that have never been captured in such high spatial and temporal resolution before. Many of these sequences have blown my mind. I've watched them again and again.

From the BFI press release:

"Join Björk and Dr. Merlin Sheldrake, on an exploration of the hidden world of fungi against the backdrop of Tasmania's ancient Tarkine rainforest, largely unchanged from the time of the dinosaurs...."

From a recent write up in The Times (paywall):

"The film opens with Björk explaining in her trademark singsong tones how little we know about fungi:

“The living world is connected by a vast kingdom of life we are only just beginning to discover,” she says. “Sometimes they reveal themselves above ground as mushrooms. Mostly, though, they live out of sight as hidden networks which shape life on land as we know it. Fungi are the miracle workers behind so many of our foods and medicines. Yet we know so little about them.”


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In other news, I recently joined the composer Michael Berkeley on BBC Radio 3's 'Private Passions' show, in which I chose several pieces of music and we listened and chatted. It was great fun and we covered lots of ground, including jazz as a metaphor for life, improvisation in the living world, polyphonic music as a way to make sense of fungi, composition versus decomposition, ways to represent soil ecology in sound, and -- of course -- the importance of fungi for life on our planet. You can listen here.

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Meanwhile, the beautiful, new, illustrated edition of Entangled Life is out in the world and available wherever you buy your books. The response so far has been fantastic, thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm! Some of these images are the most remarkable depictions of fungi I have seen. All are the result of the vision and skill of a group of exceptional photographers and microscopists. Find out more here.
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