Donald Trump Announces 2016 White House Bid


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Sep 6, 2008
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Donald Trump Announces 2016 White House Bid

The 69-year-old Apprentice star vows to be the "greatest jobs President that God ever created".

Property mogul Donald Trump has officially announced his bid for the US presidency.

The flamboyant business magnate launched his campaign on Tuesday at a New York City skyscraper that bears his name.

"We need somebody who can take the brand of the United States and make it great again," Mr Trump said.

"I am officially running for President of the United States and we are going to make our country great again."

The 69-year-old Apprentice star is the 12th Republican to officially declare a candidacy for the party's nomination in 2016.

In an address that lasted nearly an hour, Mr Trump railed against politicians who he said are "all talk and no action".

"Our enemies are getting stronger and stronger by the day and we as a country are getting weaker," he said.

"This is an election that will be based on competence. People are tired of being ripped off."

He vowed to combine his background as a businessman and his wealth to become the "greatest jobs President that God ever created".

Mr Trump also promised that if elected to the White House he would "repeal and replace the big lie Obamacare" and "build a great wall" on the US southern border.

"I will have Mexico pay for that wall," he added.

Mr Trump's bid for the Oval Office is a longshot according to most political pundits.

source: Donald Trump Announces 2016 White House Bid


Now if the US Republican party wasn't already loaded, now steps in Comedy Relief.

Scary thing is.. he truly is the best candidate out of all Democrat and Republican.. because he will run the USA like a corporation and balance the budget.. beef up the military and put China in check.

...and probably invade Canada.. LOL

Go Donald from Canada!!!!


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Mar 5, 2011
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Now normally I'm not one for telling others how to run their affairs but the U.S. should make it illegal for anyone who's been on a "reality" TV show to become president.

Seriously, before Snooki announces her candidacy.


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Nov 14, 2006
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this should be on fun and jokes thread.

guess in a free country there has to be a party that will accept all the low life, the dunces,(rich of course)
the insanely religious, the aggressors or others, and of course the rich to take care of the rich,
and now a clown,(clowns are a scary and secretive group with funny hair.) lol


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Sep 6, 2008
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this should be on fun and jokes thread.

guess in a free country there has to be a party that will accept all the low life, the dunces,(rich of course)
the insanely religious, the aggressors or others, and of course the rich to take care of the rich,
and now a clown,(clowns are a scary and secretive group with funny hair.) lol

He may be a clown, however is there any doubt he is a brilliant and successful businessman?

He also has some great points.. and doesn't flip flop like other candidates.

Donald Trump on the Issues.

Trump on Abortion

• Donald Trump is pro life.

• Although Trump opposes abortion he respects the rights of women to make their own choices.

• The only abortion procedure Trump feels should be banned is partial birth abortion.

Trump on Afghanistan

• Donald Trump thinks we should withdraw from Afghanistan as soon as possible.

• He said that giving a withdrawal date was “a stupid mistake”,

• He believes now that the Taliban knows when the U.S. will withdraw, they will merely wait for us to go and re-take the country.

Trump on the Budget

• Donald Trump thinks that if something isn’t done soon, we’ll have a crash worse than that of 1929.

• In 1999, he proposed taxing the rich with a one-time 14.25% tax to erase the national debt, which he still thinks is a good idea.

• He said that such a plan would save billions annually in interest payments.

• Eliminating debt would boost the economy 35% and income taxes could be lowered.

Trump on Business & Labor

• Trump believes the biggest danger to both business and labor is China.

• He believes that we are rebuilding China instead of taking care of our own country.

• Trumps thinks that If we’d alter our trade policies, we could pay off the debt and start creating more jobs right here.

Trump on Capital Punishment

• Donald Trump says that anyone who takes a life should forfeit their own.

• He said criminals have declared war on decent people and lethal injection is too comfortable.

• 100% of the people executed will never commit another crime.

• He thinks that capital punishment also serves as a deterrent for some.

• Trumps believes that judges should be held accountable for their sentencing. Pedophiles, drunk drivers, murderers and other criminals are often are set free to prey again because of light sentencing.

• He wants to stop the victim culture and recognize what criminals are—bad people who prey on good people and they should be punished as harshly as possible.

Trump on China

• Trump says we give way too many advantages to China and they're laughing at how easy it is to take advantage of the U.S.

• He thinks that we should tax all imports from China 25%. That would encourage buying American and balance out the trade deficit.

• Human rights are important - if the Chinese are oppressed, then there shouldn't be much of a market for US goods. We are betraying our principles by allowing them to violate basic rights of their people.

• We should not keep our markets open to countries that oppress their people or steal from us.

• He said that the US makes better products but China manipulates their currency so people almost have to buy Chinese products to stay in business.

• China makes it nearly impossible to do business there but wants our technology and for Americans to buy their products.

Trump on Civil Liberties

• Trump believes diversity is good and has made this country what it is.

• Crimes against people for their race, sexual orientation, religion, etc should be prosecuted as hate crimes with more punitive penalties than random crimes.

• He thinks that big government is the worst threat to civil liberties. Government scrutiny of private individuals is a real threat and curtails liberties. Government should keep to public works and safety and limit itself to that.

Trump on the Deficit

• Donald Trump believes that the deficit would be greatly reduced if government would stay out of things in which it doesn’t do well, which is a very long list.

• He would take the government out of providing public conveniences such as farm subsidies, food safety, energy regulations and transportation and limit it to defending the constitution and our shores. This will save billions, even trillions.

Trump on the Economy

• Trump believes raising taxes is foolish seeing that the US is the highest taxed nation in the world.

• He thinks the economy would improve if we would charge the countries we protect.

Trump on Education

• Donald Trump thinks our education system is in trouble.

• He would teach citizenship and stop 'dumbing down' the curriculum.

• He would make schools safe and be tough on troublemakers.

• Trump says diplomas are often little more than attendance certificates. Lower levels should cover the basics, teach study skills and prepare kids who want higher education.

• He says, forget self esteem, challenge kids and allow small failures. Failing incentivizes kids to do better when handled properly. People fail in life but if properly prepared they will get back up and try again. Schools these days encourage them to give up and nurse their hurt feelings.

• Trump thinks that schools should compete, school choice encourages competition.

• He would do away with the Department of Education and let local and state governments run their schools as they see fit—this would also encourage competition and people would move to the best school districts, growing the economy while providing better education.

Trump on Energy

• Trump thinks we should use our natural resources to solve our energy problems while helping the economy.

• He believes that the US has so much oil in our ocean and we should get it.

• He thinks that we don't use much of our natural gas but we should.

• He said that Abu Dhabi has plenty of oil but just went to natural gas because they want us to buy oil at ridiculous prices. Unless we use our natural resources we’ll always be prisoners of OPEC.

Trump on Foreign Affairs

• Donald Trump wants the US to quit appeasing dictators.

• He knows that foreign policy is not as easy as drawing up a general plan, be thinks we should be deal-makers instead of chess players.

• Deal-makers can put our interests first, know when to back off, when to be tough and never settle for less than America deserves.

• Trump believes that if countries want our help they should have something to give in return other than vague promises of 'working toward democracy'. They need us more than we need them; we should use our leverage to benefit everyone but especially ourselves.

Trump on Gun Control

• Donald Trump generally opposes gun control.

• He thinks that every law abiding citizen should have a gun if they want to.

• Trump believes that assault weapons should be banned, “who needs them except criminals and police?”

• He wants a longer waiting period for hand guns, rifles and shotguns. We should be able to tell within 72 hours if a person has a record or mental issues that would prohibit ownership.

Trump on Health Care

• Donald Trump believes that people should have access to affordable health care.

• He has advocated a single payer system in the past but believes the new health care law is unconstitutional and so costly that it will bankrupt the country.

Trump on Immigration

• Donald Trump thinks that legal immigration should be difficult and illegal immigration should be impossible.

• He believes that we can’t absorb all the illegals and thinks that they’re destroying our economy.

• He wants to take care of our own people first. We’re bankrupting our states with illegals that take advantage of hospital emergency rooms, entitlement programs and public education.

Trump on Iran

• Donald Trump believes that our soldiers have no business in the Middle East.

Trump on Iraq

• Trump believes we should withdraw from Iraq and the Middle East.

• He would not be in Iraq unless our own interests are directly threatened.

• Trump would not offer humanitarian intervention.

Trump on Israel

• Donald Trump maintains that Israel is our best friend.

• He thinks we should do everything we can to protect Israel

• He believes that Israel should be the cornerstone of our policy in the region.

• They’ve always been there for us and we should be there for them. They are the only stable democracy in a region that is not run by dictators. They are pioneers in medicine and communication and a close fair trading partner.

Trump on National Security

• Trump believes that America is ill prepared for a biological attack.

• He would prepare for biological attack by stockpiling and rotating antibiotics and other remedies while training emergency workers.

• He thinks that there should be sensors in major cities for early warning of biological devices activated.

• He thinks that the public should be educated to reduce panic if an attack occurs.

Trump on North Korea

• Trump believes that we should stop North Korean nukes by force if necessary.

Trump on Poverty

• Trump believes that teen moms should not receive assistance unless they meet tough requirements. Living in group homes might reduce further pregnancies by lending moral support.

• He said that there are many people that work out of churches, temples or on their own who want to care for the poor and disadvantaged—let them, and restrict public assistance.

• He thinks that states, cities and counties should partner with faith-based charitable organizations and others. He believes that communities should work together instead of depending on public assistance.

Trump on Same Sex Issues

• Donald Trump is not in favor of same sex marriage.



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Nov 14, 2006
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He may be a clown, however is there any doubt he is a brilliant and successful businessman?

He also has some great points.. and doesn't flip flop like other candidates.

Trump on China


before the fact, anyone can say anything, all of his points aren't wrong, I agree with some of
them too, but it is just words without 'anything' happening, how can he flip flop when he hasn't
been challenged and hasn't been elected to anything.

we all have been down this road many times, reading wonderful things that candidates 'will' do, it
is all promises without anything to back it up.

and look who it is, big business, big money, he probably is bored, sitting around his 6 story office,
twiddling his thumbs.


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Oct 19, 2005
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I think if Donald Trump walked into a crowded room with single light bulb dangling in the middle... within 3 minutes he would have appropriated a place directly under it. There is not a camera or a podium that he can ignore.

The only Republicans i'm interested in are those who are Not in favour of trickle down Reaganomics (in other words they are rich and consider themselves a 'gift' to the nation and much too valuable to be taxed).. or Free Trade.. which has virtually destroyed the American Middle Class and its industrial vitality and integrity. There are some like Ben Carson or Lindsey Graham that do not follow the inane patter against 'big' government or for 'free' markets.. but they just don't get enough corporate and PAC money to win.

I think his Pro Life and Pro Traditional Marriage positions are mainly window dressing for social conservatives.. and don't represent any moral imperatives to him. He's like one of those cardboard cutouts of Presidents you can have your picture taken with.. all image (and hair).. little substance.
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Jan 28, 2007
The lefties always complain about the Repubs not being diverse enough (big tent). The Dems only have a bunch of honkies running for prez whereas the Repubs have blacks, Latinos, whites, men and women running.

Walter just can't wait for Snooki to become president.
Who or what is Snooki? Is that like a Wookiee?


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Jun 18, 2007
Won't it be delicious if this guy wins. Millions of heads explode, millions more deported back to whence they snuck in from. PAC's trying to sweeten his already too-big pot and getting the hair-flip from Donald. Him gettin' sh!t done.

I cannae wait. ;-)