CDN Sailor Arrives in NZ !


Council Member
Jul 18, 2017
Big Bay, Awhitu, New Zeala
"Your welcome as the sunshine, your welcome as the rain"
Norrie, 67, arrived at Canterbury's Lyttelton Harbour on Thursday evening once clearing Customs, and was quick to find a steak and some cold beers after three months at sea.
Getting up to speed with the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused more than 5000 deaths in his homeland and affected more than 4 million worldwide, had been enlightening.
He joked he was the ''safest man on the planet'' by being at sea while the outbreak was worsening.
''It's still unreal to me because I've only heard text messages from my wife about how's it all shut down [everything]. I'm very thankful New Zealand let me come in,'' he said.