Canadian Tax Cuts Hurt all but Richest


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Sep 14, 2007
What I do know is that when government has a surplus, it means they have collected too much from Canadians in taxes. I for one want back, my share of that tax overpayment. I want to be the one to decide where that money is to be spent, not some left-wing nut that wants a socialist lifestyle, where government becomes the be all and end all for all members of society. You hear both the Liberals and the NDP crying how that additional taxes could be spent on various socialist programs such a National Daycare Program, and they continually tout the success of the program being run by Quebec as a successful example. I recently read an article on the Canada Free Press site where it indicates that the experience in Quebec has been anything but a success, in fact it has become a total failure. The article indicates that in Quebec the people who universal daycare was meant to help (the poor) has become a help for people with political connections, like man and wife professionals who each drive SUV's, and live in expensive homes in posh housing developments, and end up paying $7.00/ day costs of subsidized daycare, while the poor cannot access those spaces so they can go out and earn a minimum wage income in order to survive.

I for one want that money in my pocket so I can decide where I want to spend it, and on what I want to spend it on, thus paying sales taxes to keep the economy and government going. Money left in the hands of a government bureaucracy will in all likelihood wind up being spend to build more bureaucracy, and create programs that will only require more and more taxes to support. At some point we need to say to the socialists that we need to start doing for ourselves, instead of relying on government to be all things to all people.


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Aug 19, 2007
Too I changed it...

"We gotta do it ourselves!"
I agree, let's go into Darfur and save those innocent people.