British information minister dead


Electoral Member
Dec 4, 2002
Montreal, Quebec
Well it looks like someone knew something in the British Parliment, since the guy apperantly committed suicide. (I forgot his name I know it was David)

Anywho so now what? First the CIA says they were at fault and now a British minister supposedly killed himself. I feel bad that the brits fell under the curse of the American Govt. The minister was a microbiologist and also a former UN Weapons inspector and said before 9/11 that Iraq did not contain any weapons of mass destruction. This is also interesting because time and time again they were proven wrong so they still went to war in Iraq?

Look at what you're doing to your own people! First off you destroyed a nation that doesn't even have the basic necessities to live, and its total anarchy! Where's the elected govt? I don't see it it was just appointed.

Looking at the US's track record Saddam will be back in power within 2 years. As for the British minister he was probably killed since they didn't want him to open his mouth about the truth.

Videos don't say anything anymore who said that it wasn't the americans setting up the scene to make it look like the Iraqis were doing something?


Mar 24, 2002
We all know there are TONS of cover ups across the board in both the American and British cases. I bet the British government was paid in cash by Americans for support of the war. Can you imagine the labour party of GB supporting such a war? They are like our liberals in Canada!