Apple Stock continues strong growth over the years


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Mar 3, 2019
Apple Stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) had a big drop in the year 2020, but now it is back up and rising, again. Apple stock is continuing to achieve all-time highs. It was impressive when Apple made it to the $300 level. Now, it is even more impressive with the price of $349.72 USD at Jun. 19, 2020. This great stock certainly has long-term potential. See charts of Apple stock for 1 year, 5 years and maximum time.
The Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic greatly affected the stock market. It is important to consider which locations are open and closed. Shares of Apple Inc. AAPL, -0.57% are off 0.6% in Friday trading after the company was reported to be planning re-closures of some locations due to a resurgence in Coronavirus COVID-19 cases.
Apple appears to be re-closing certain stores in Florida and Arizona. Apple would also be re-closing some stores in North Carolina and South Carolina. Apple was among the first to temporarily close locations outside of China earlier this year. Recently, it has been gradually reopening stores.