An outstanding parable for Zionists

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Dec 4, 2017
That is if they can take lessons from history, and not be haughty like their ancestors in the time of about 70 AD.

The story:
Jesus Christ came to Jews in Palestine and warned them against their idolatry and their haughtiness and immorality.
Some of them were atheists, and most of them were idolaters: worshiping the tombs of their religious leaders and religious men.
So he invited them to glorify God alone without associate and to observe all God's Commandments.
He intended to purify them and their souls from wickedness and malice and hypocrisy.
But they stubbornly denied him and refused to follow his program of God's religion.
Then Jesus Christ died and went to his Lord in heaven, while most of them kept to their idolatry and ungodliness.

Afterward, God revealed to the Apostles among Jesus' disciples to go to Jerusalem and warn Jews of God's termination unless they resort to God and His commandments.
But the response of Jews was the same to the Apostles as was to Jesus Christ: only the denial and disbelief.

Therefore, God set on them Titus the Roman general who devastated them completely.

Quran 36: 13-30, which mean:
(13. And tell them the parable of the people of the city [of Jerusalem in Palestine], when the apostles [: the disciples of Jesus Christ] came to it.

14. When We sent to them two [apostles: Peter and John], but they denied them, so We confirmed them by a third [apostle: Philips], and they said: "We are sent [by God] to you."

15. [The people of the city] said [to their apostles]: "You are only human beings like us, and [God] Most Gracious has not revealed any [revelation to you]; you only are lying [; you are not apostles.]"

16. [The apostles] said: "Our Lord knows that surely we are sent [to you.]"

17. "And our duty is only the plain delivery of the message.”

18. [The people of the city] said [to the apostles]: "We have received an augury of you; if you desist not [from your words and return to your places], we shall surely stone you, and a painful chastisement shall befall you by our hands."

19. The [apostles] said: "Will you receive augury [of anyone that admonishes you!?]
And now you have been admonished; indeed, you do commit much [of sins.]"

20. Then a man [: Gamaliel] came from the remote part of the city, walking in a hurry; he said: "My people, follow [the way of] the apostles."

21. "Follow such as ask no wage of you, and are guided [to the way of the truth.]"

22. "And why should I not worship [God] Who originated me by division [of cells inside my mother's womb], and to Him you shall be returned [after death when He shall punish you for your disbelief.]"

[Then Gamaliel disapproved of their adopting and worshipping the idols and statues, and he said:]
23. "Should I choose – besides God – [other] gods [to worship them], that if [God] Most Gracious be pleased to afflict me, their intercession will not avert from me aught nor will they rescue [me of the punishment.]"

24. "I would then, [if I were to do as you do], be in manifest error."

25. "I have believed in your Lord [O apostles], so hear me [to be my witnesses before God.]"

26. [And when Gamaliel died] it was said [to him by the angels]: "Enter Paradise"; [and when he entered it] he said: "Would that my people knew,"

27. "That my Lord has forgiven me and made me one of the honored."

28. And We sent down upon his people after his [death] no hosts from heaven [to fight them], nor had We ever sent down any.

29. It was but a single [war] cry [of their enemy against them], and behold, they were still.

30. "Alas for servants! [For] there never comes to them any apostle, but they mock at him.")

See more explanation by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly

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