America's War on Iraq

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Dec 4, 2002
Montreal, Quebec
Well I just read the article that was posted on CanadianContent about the airing of the American POW footage from Al-Jazeera network and I must say WTF is wrong with the Americans?

You call this freedom when the americans say we can't show this footage? I agree that not showing the part that they killed the soldiers is right, but to show that they were in fact alive is ok.

Hey if you're going to cover the news either cover it fully or don;t mention the incident of the POWs.

There is a difference, they are hiding the fact that American's could be captured, thus hurting their so called "pride".

This is what Saddam and Fidel Castro does, they show you what they want and "leave" out things they don't want people to see. Maybe the parents of these fallen soldiers wanted to see the footage of this.

The US Govt is a sham and communistic in its properties. You know I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that Rumsfeld said airing of the tape is against the Geneva convention, coming from the country who went against the UN.

The problem with the war is that the US knows the laws which would be good for them and well they are showing that they don't care about the UN's decision is just plain utterly stupid. It shows the rest of the world that laws doesn't have to be followed.

The LAW is the LAW whether you are the US, Japan or whoever. This is like saying you're an american and kill someone let's say in Europe. Would he be let go because he says he's an American? Heck no, this is exactly what the US has done and Bush should be tried as a war criminal, the same terms that Bush used for the "terrorists" the Iraqi army if they killed any of the Americans.

I think the US should wake up and smell the roses because maybe it would do them some good for once.


Mar 24, 2002
I agree on your point about the law being for everyone. All in all you have some good points, but I think it was kind of humiliating for the soldiers to be shown on TV in such a state. But those soldiers are there illegally to begin with, so the American administration doesn't have any valid arguements... Even if some people agree with them.


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Jul 25, 2002
Under the Geneva Conventions POWs are granted certain rights. One of those rights is not to be humilated in any way. Taking photos and interviews can be construed to be as such, but and now this is a big but, america is hardly one to talk about the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners.

Let us recall how many Iraqi prisoners have been shown on CBS, NBC, Fox etc. More so lets not forget the hundreds of "illegal combatents" kept in Cuba in direct violation of the Geneva Convention by the United States. If they want fair and equal treatment they too must adhere to the letter of the law.