Alberta's economy is on pace to grow by 6.7 per cent this year


Time Out
Mar 16, 2007
Red Deer AB
Transfer payments are going East-to-West again, like they used to do three decades ago.

Should we call the Albertans a bunch of lazy bums as well, too?
Call us anything you like as long as the money keeps flowing this way. (sending us back 20% of what the grain sold for is not a win for 'the West' you low-life fuktard, I thought you should know that)

Curious Cdn

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Feb 22, 2015
Oh, so you were wrong again kitty. Quelle surprise.
p.s. Did you ever figure out that the igneous rock really does begin a mile down around here? You sure gave lots of gaffaws about that. You've never been to Grand Canyon, I take it.