A True Scumbag. Former Regina PPC Canidate Is Pimp


True North Strong & Free
Sep 6, 2008
The above team works closely with Bonassim Khalid Musa from Libya and Pelossi Verobon from Italy.
Accident causalities and patients with treatable diseases are the most vulnerable to this syndicate.
  1. The business has anchored deeper than one can ever expect. Uprooting it is next to impossible being that it is currently the most profitable business in the world run by the rich and powerful in government and multinational corporations around the world.
  1. This information once learned of by the general public is going to inflict a devastating political damage to the regime because of the nature of the people involved and the power that protects them in comparison to the anger of disgruntled Ugandans.
  1. The syndicate extends fastest to the Middle East before extending to Europe where the world market is.
  1. Self-enslavement is a sign of hard knock life and also self-hate which is a mirror reflection of hate for the country, the people and the government.
  1. All these complaints are circulating on social media and anger is ever growing. All these are ingredients of a cause to mass protests which may easily culminate into extreme violence.
  1. One girl Justine was hanged in Saudi Arabia by a family which lost a child in a road accident and the blame was cast on this 21year old Ugandan maid whom the family sentenced to death. Uganda government has not said a word much as the entire world is calling for justice for this girl.

Your Excellency, Women and Children are the epicenter for human rights due to their nature which is relatively known of weak self defense. This requires direct involvement by Your Excellency. The entire world is paying attention to these unfolding events vis-a-vis action by the government.

Attached is a list of reported cases and the companies pinned.

More details coming………

*Robert Baldwin and Little Sam using MMS cure concoction to kill churchgoers to boost the human organs business through their trained 1,200 pastors country wide who administer it.

*UPDF Solders who were massacred on Muhoozi’s orders and after organs extracted from their bodies before they were mashed into pieces and dumped in Lake Victoria.

See also: ODREK RWABWOGO – The Global kingpin in Body Organs and Human Trafficking.
PDF FILES: Body organs, slavery and human trafficking by museveni’s family


The Central Scrutinizer
Nov 21, 2008
Moccasin Flats
Human trafficking is poised to knock drugs off the top of the illegal $$$ heap. It has already surpassed illegal gun trade which was #2.