60 Minutes apparently isn't enough time to tell the truth


Council Member
Mar 4, 2016
In typical 21st century Orwellian MSM style, 60 Minutes has decided that it's journalistic integrity is something that must be sacrificed in order to build a narrative intended to try and destroy Florida Governor Ron Desantis. Even Democrats are crying foul on this one, I suspect this maybe crossed a line that will require some accountability on behalf of the media.

'60 Minutes' faces backlash from Democrats and Publix

This story isn't about vaccines or even a successful and popular republican governor, it goes way beyond that. Until media decides to get serious and stop shilling for the extrerme left post-modern ideology and act as their Ministry of Truth, they will just continue to undermine and destroy the foundation of civil society, and sow division within the population. And until people wake up and hold the lying media accountable, we will continue to get the 3 ring circus that we deserve.