6 dead babies found in Winnipeg storage locker could date back 10 years


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Oct 26, 2009
6 dead babies found in Winnipeg storage locker could date back 10 years
Dean Pritchard, QMI Agency
First posted: Friday, December 19, 2014 03:27 PM EST | Updated: Friday, December 19, 2014 03:37 PM EST
WINNIPEG — The remains of six fetuses found in a Winnipeg U-Haul storage locker last October could date back as far as 10 years, the suspect's lawyer says.
Greg Brodsky represents Andrea Giesbrecht, who is in custody charged with six counts of concealing human remains.
Brodsky said he based his theory on dated documentation found with the remains.
"I would like the evidence to disprove it if there is any, because I don't think there is any," he said Friday.
An expected bail hearing was adjourned again after Brodsky said he has yet to receive a full autopsy report. Brodsky previously lobbied, unsuccessfully, to be allowed to hire an independent pathologist to observe the autopsies.
"If I had a pathologist there to observe the autopsies we wouldn't be waiting around like this," he said.
Brodsky said the autopsy report will include X-ray results showing whether anything was done to interfere with a proper delivery.
"My theory is they were stillborn," Brodsky said. "There was no proof of life after delivery.
"If I am proved correct, we can go ahead (with a bail hearing)," he said. "If I am not proved correct then I will have to reassess.”
A bail application for a woman accused of storing the bodies of six newborns inside a Winnipeg storage locker has been delayed. (CHRIS PROCAYLO/WINNIPEG SUN FILE PHOTO)

6 dead babies found in Winnipeg storage locker could date back 10 years | Canada


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May 20, 2012
Andrea Giesbrecht has been found guilty of disposing of the remains of six infants in a U-Haul storage locker.

"All of these children were likely born alive. There is no evidence of complications in these pregnancies," provincial court Judge Murray Thompson said Monday in finding the 42-year-old Winnipeg woman guilty on six charges of disposing of a body of a dead child with intent to conceal the delivery.

Each charge carries a maximum sentence of two years behind bars. Giesbrecht will remain free on bail until her sentencing hearing.
Her defence lawyer, Greg Brodsky, said Giesbrecht is content the judge reached a conclusion in her case.

"She's not happy with the result of the conclusion, but she's happy that it's coming to an end," he said.

When asked if he knew why his client kept the bodies of her dead children in a locker, Brodsky said, "No."

Brodsky said his client will wait until she hears details of the sentence before deciding whether to appeal.

The judge said in his ruling he was convinced that Giesbrecht was the mother of all six infants

"I've seen strange cases in my time. This is one of the stranger ones, or maybe the strangest," Giesbrecht's lawyer Brodsky said.

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