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  • I couldn't be anymore satisfied and happy with how things are going. I couldn't ask for anymore! I am now finally in control of my life and my dreams, and it's about damn time!

    Well, talk to you soon! Hope you're well!
    Hey you! I have awesome news to share! I will be staying in Ottawa for the foreseeable future. I have a grocery clerk job at a Sobeys Urban Fresh downtown! 6 shifts in since March 1st and I love it! Everyone is nice, I can get time off easily, the hours fly by because of how busy it is, I know where most items are, and I don't have to move carts anymore because the city has a bylaw where customers cannot take carts out of stores in the downtown! I love my job and am so thankful, too! Operation Bare Necessities is working!

    For the time being, I will be living with some friends in May, while looking for a permanent spot come September. A friend needed a sublet and the price was decent so I took it!

    I'm also learning how to play guitar, the term is ending nicely and choir is well!
    Thanks, me dear! I think Ottawa will be great for me, too! I'm so excited for this new experience! Chorus has been great, the city's been great, everything is great! And yes, you are right, I am way more happier, now! Life couldn't be better!

    I'm down in the Middlesex County area for New Years! Tomorrow, I'm be in London! Maybe we'll catch each other? Your call!

    Very good! I posted a year in review on me in the Members Lounge. I'm thinking of settling in Ottawa for good, next year. I already have plans, laid out. Brush up on the French, find work and a place, find work in my field later, and then forget about my worries and strife. I call it Operation Bare Necessities, and it starts January 10th! I'm so sick of home. It's time!
    Actually, that is Bret "The Hitman" Hart. He is the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be!;)

    But you're a very close second!:)
    Better than a lump of poop! (I would love it if the freaking emoticons would actually freaking work here!)
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