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    Bevski :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: that racoon and her kids, just fec**** walked in and stole my ferrero
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    B.C. prefers Martin over Harper for PM

    Liberal Paul Martin enjoys a narrow five-point lead over Conservative Stephen Harper as the party leader British Columbians think would be the best prime minister. A federal election poll conducted by Ipsos Reid for CanWest News and Global News, released Thursday, shows that among decided...
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    Whata eating?

    Wow! that sounds interesting, but I would like to hear about the vegan diet.
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    Whata eating?

    Well thats alright as long as the weiner is a tofu one, and the bun whole wheat, and maple syrup organic :P
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    Whata eating?

    How long have you eaten this way? Do you find it difficult to stick to. Cosmo's a moderator here, was a strict vegetarian, that is to say she did not eat meat. What I did notice is that she ate alot of fat, like cheese and dairy. This was not good, and I told her so :P I love olive oil myself...
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    Whata eating?

    Clista works hard for her meat, although I am not that keen on being part of her diet. alkalyd based vegan.....uh interesting...vegan is hard enough, what does the alkalyd based vegan diet eat. :P
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    Whata eating?

    I think your avatar could do a better job. :P
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    Whata eating?

    No, but I know plenty of lumberjacks :P they are big, but I have no idea if they are nasty :lol: :lol: ouch! me bad...time to visit the jesters 8) wait a sec...I know how your mind works momsy...I mean in a cannibal sense :twisted: :wink:
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    Whata eating?

    Is it mechanically de-boned pork momsy 8O :lol:
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    A perfect BC Xmas gift

    It is time to meet the new additions to the Northern Resident community. Roller (A77) joins mother Skagit (A35) as part of the A11 Matriline. Toba (A78) joins mother Kelsey (A24) as part of the A24 Matriline. Both calves were born in 2003, but calves are only named after being sighted 2 years in...
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    Whata eating?

    Well you have to have some fat in your diet juan :twisted: :P guacamole 8) I could eat dat by the shovel :lol:
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    Whata eating?

    Here is a exciting topic we have not brought forward in a while...Whata eating..its lunch time here in lotusland land..chilly, still tho, the postman was wearing shorts 8O I am eating tomato, avacado (lots of dat to..yum yum) red onion, mayo and I dunk each bite in bowl of louisiana hot sauce...
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    Eric Fish Serial killer???????

    man named Eric Fish murdered a much older man recently in Apparently, the RCMP have surrounded a warehouse in vernon, looking for evidence of a serial killer, one Eric Fish. Apparently, also there have been a number of missing people in vernon, and items belonging to some of these people have...
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    Republican +conservative+websites

    Now this is just down right creepy 8O 8O 8O
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    BC doctor survives pirate attack

    A Rossland surgeon says he's grateful he and his friends are home safe after pirates attacked his yacht in the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela last month. Five pirates boarded the sailboat and held Dr. Steve McVicar and his friends – a Vancouver Island doctor and his wife – at gunpoint...