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  • I use PMs a lot, mabudon.......they are a great way of having side discussions. I gave you a thumbs up for the balance of your post though I don't agree with your assertion that the mods have pets. This is my opinion only and as I don't spend a lot of time here, I could be wrong but from what I have seen in my years here they are pretty balanced - if not mostly hands-off in their approach.
    Dear Mabudon,
    I'm a Chinese undergraduate student who is proceeding my research paper on 'red'.
    I'm looking for some people from abroad to help me to answer the questionnaire.
    Could you do me a favor?
    It won't take you too much time, 16 questions only in two pages of A4 size paper.
    I know it may surprise you, but at this moment, I just need help.
    Because I don't have any friends abroad, nor foreign teachers in our university.
    So, I'm worrying about my paper.
    I hope you can help me out....:neutral::icon_smile:thank you~~~
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