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    Cold fusion

    Thank you for the offer :-) I am not interested. L.K.
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    Cold fusion

    Those who follow the unpecedented Cold Fusion episode might be interested in my new essay; it is posted at: Please share this link with those who might be interested, for example, with journalists, friends, colleagues, students, etc. Or...
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    Dear Friends, Some of you might be inserted in my short essay, at: Feel free to share it with all who might be interested, especially students. Ludwik Kowalski
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    A message from a colleague

    A message from a colleague: If you allow me to carry my cynicism a bit further, I would describe the Paris agreement about climate change as a fig leaf. It allows everyone to continue doing what they want while being A message from a colleague: to say they tried to stop the seas from rising...
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    US electoral system

    The ongoing debates (August 2015) among potential Republican presidential candidates reminded me of a note I posted several years ago. Below is a link to an updated (and hopefully better) version of this note: How can a retired...
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    Nuclear Iran?

    Nuclear Iran? I agree with those who think the Iran agreement should be supported, first because nothing better seems to be available, second because I suspect that technological means of supervision (to avoid a global catastrophe), are available in the USA. Here is what I have just posted on...
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    Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSA)

    Personal Sound Amplifiers (PSA) Hearing aids are very expensive, typically from $3000 to $6000 a pair. But some people might postpone wearing them, for many year. I describe this alternative at my university website: Feel free to share this short...
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    A New Kind of a Russian Nuclear Reactor

    A New Kind of a Russian Nuclear Reactor Link to my article: reactor Feel free to share it with all who might be interested, especially with students. Ludwik Kowalski, P.D.
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    Theeology and science

    Those interested in serious debates about God are invited to read my set of 16 essays, entitled: "Reflections on Theology and Science." The set exists in two forms: 1) A webpage:< > 2) A free pdf file, downloadable from: <...
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    Conflicts in Russia

    Contemporary Russian Situation (10/17/2014) as described by BSN, an unnamed Russian author Translated by Ludwik Kowalski, Ph.D. Former Communist: Thoughts, Feelings, Reality 1) My translation of BSN's article is available online at: BSN_23EN 2) Why did I translate this article? Because...
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    Mental Images of God

    What is God? According to our ancestors, who recorded their beliefs in the Bible, God is an all-powerful and all-knowing entity, living somewhere outside of our world, who created the world and controls what happens in it. My definition of God is slightly different; I tend to think that God is...
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    God's commandments are ...

    Who is the author of Mitzvah [commandments]? asked Rabbi Herman E Schaalman, in (1). According to some people, he wrote, "the authority of the 'commandment' resides in the people;" they claim that mitzvot are the customs created by our sages. Such an answer would be sufficient, he continues, if...
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    A orthodox priest about science

    Some of you might be interested in extracts from a theological presentation--of a Russian Orthodox priest--that I just posted at: Comments will be appreciated, Ludwik
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    Why Gorbachev?

    Why Gorbachev? Gorbachev is of the same age as I am. Several days ago I read a post (on a Russian forum) in which he was accused of being responsible for the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In my opinion the country disintegrated spontaneously, after the truth about dark sides of Stalinism...
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    Communism today

    New Communist Manifesto COMMUNIST MANIFESTO 2014, posted at 09_manifesto Fell free to shared this link with others. Ludwik