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    Municipal governments- is it time that candidates indicate their political preferences?

    I wonder if it is time to do this? If the electorate do not want I Left or Right leaning candidate, then they have the opportunity to vote for the party that they want. Some parties tax and spend, some do not.
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    Fuck Joe Biden and anyone who voted for him

    I am not sure that Biden was there in Afghanistan when the bomb was detonated. To say that he is responsible is certainly politically motivated and unjust. The real issue is why was America there in the first place? Was it set up to make a Republican politician and their family and friends rich...
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    This election, Anyone but Trudeau

    I see that the Prime Minister is getting some negative reaction to his campaign to be elected as the prime minister for the 3rd time. He cancelled his campaign stop and then gets on the TV, saying that he does not like the negative feed back and would not change his agenda. OK, changing your...
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    Madoff 50 Billion dollar scam

    I have read reports that a percentage of the moneys was recovered and returned to some of the investors. The government should not release his body until the full 150 years is served.
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    Trumps legal - financial issues problems are just beginning

    I see that trump will have some issues trying either repay his loans as his lenders in the past have been leaving like rats in a sinking ship. What he has been said to do in the past is claim he cannot pay, and some lenders have reduced the loan amount, rather than push him out. Donald may not...
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    Unclear wording of CERB eligibility means some recipients asked to pay everything back

    Some of the largest tax cheaters, as a group are self employed, and restaurant owners. Self employed are always complaining they cannot get a mortgage as they only earn enough, on their tax return to just get over the basic exemption, so they do not pay tax. We should ask what percentage of...
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    Does anyone want to know why Donald Trump moved to Florida?

    My memory says he moved there about 1-2 years ago, then voted by Mail in contradiction to his policy of nobody should be able to vote by Mail, unless th are Republicans.
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    Seniors Losing Mobile Homes in BC. Government at Fault??????

    How much assistance would you be prepared to give each of these people? One of the things that I see happen is that a lot of these people are living in very old mobile homes, some are not worth the money to move to a new location.. having said that would ok for someone moving a 40-50 year old...
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    Does anyone want to know why Donald Trump moved to Florida?

    I suggest that the reason Donald Trump moved to Florida is because he can claim personal bankruptcy, and not have to bring his house into to picture. With the bad publicity he has made for himself, the recent pulling back of lenders, what does the public think will happen when his corporate...
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    US Election 2020 🇺🇸 🤯

    I think that if we want to make sure that those who support Trump after the whitehouse fiasco, get their name and address, tell them that your group will be over, to ransack their house, without anybody being responsible.
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    US Election 2020 🇺🇸 🤯

    Should the security for the White House make sure that Donald Trump does not play with matches while at the write house? Would he get impression that some body is mad at him, if all of the club houses at his golf courses burned down one night? Just asking fo a friend.
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    That's NOT all, Folks! Trump's going to get 4 more years

    I read on the USA forums that they are still trying to get the election results changed. Maybe the the USA could do well to try to get elections to operate under one set of rules, for the whole country. It would appear that each county is each state have their own set of rules. If anyone breaks...
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    US Election 2020 🇺🇸 🤯

    I heard that the Dems are go to allow the 140 some GOP senators to go off into a large room and CRY together on the 6th of January. They will allow the press in and then allow the gopers to sell the CD’s to raise money for the next election. They expect to make ov 100 million in the first week.
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    Trump USA : 2020

    The key to winning a election is, get more votes than the other guy. The last report we got is Joe Biden get more votes. When you shoot yourself in the foot, (Donald Trump) by telling the Republicans to vote on Election Day, when the Dems knew they could vote befor, by Mail in, absenty ballots...
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    Trump USA : 2020

    It is about changing the channel by the king of confusion