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  • Thanx for your forgiveness - I believe there is some truth to the idea of karma. Therefore, when you make a mistake, be sure to correct it by doing good at least three times over ( four times in the Bible) :)
    Ooops, sorry gave you a Red when I meant to give you a Good Rep - will make up for it!
    As much as it is dangerous to rally with out question behind a leader it just as irresponsible to hate one blindly.
    We are strangers to our minds
    Aliens to the present
    Observers to this imaginary control we think we have
    Chemical reactions through and through
    No different to a flower reacting to sunlight or rain
    Explorers within explorers
    Audience to are very roles
    We are very much alien to our human form
    Shadow of doubts behind this air of certainty
    A child’s heart in this world of adults
    Mighty our resolve to defend
    Shield our heads beneath the covers from the imaginary monsters from under our beds We are chaos in this myth of certainty
    Oh I see what you mean. I haven't used any pedals on a bass so am of no help.

    P.S. I had a Gibson EB3 about 30+ years ago. It had nice action and pretty decent sound. When I was out trying out basses I tried a Gibson SG Bass. The new SG is a hunk of garbage. Man the Gibson bass has gone down the tubes.
    Hey Bart, I decided not to wait to buy so I picked up a Fender P-Bass AM Standard. I tried out a bunch of basses. Almost bought a MusicMan Stingray but this offered more value for the buck imo. Pick in the avatar.
    I'll bet the Japanese have long tenured employees who really know what they are doing. Whereas the Mexico operation is probably a revolving door. I will definitely post a pic when I get it.
    I agree with you on Japanese built. American has nothing over it. A friend of mine has a Japanese Strat that's as good or better than any Strat around.
    I don't too much has changed. Some changes to the truss rods and a switch to put it in or out of 4001 pickup mode (to engage the capacitor in the neck pickup). Aside from that it's probably the same.
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