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  • I enjoy your well appointed posts . What a delight to see reason and sensibility in your words.

    Look forward to more ...OB.
    Hi, earth_as_one;
    I can't believe you are still around!! But that's a good sign - you must like it here.

    Have a good weekend.
    earth_as_one, you are one of the people who are great , sensible and gentleman i have ever met on that forum, it is diffucult to find a wise and gentleman just here.. go on as you do, i am with you...
    Trust Me

    Wear me like the old
    school jersey I am
    The one you’ve kept all these years
    Because it reminds you of laughing days
    Of failed tests that don’t count
    Thread your fingers anxiously through my sleeves
    Wear me like that
    Like your old school jersey
    Carry me stuffed at the
    bottom of your heavy bag
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