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    Jan's Garden

    What a wonderful array of flowers!! They're absolutely beautiful!
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    Adding an album

    How in the heck can I add pictures to my profile? I'd like to show off my family pictures. Can't seem to add them no matter how I try. Any suggestions??
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    Have you used induction cooker?

    Has anyone tried the Flavourwave cooker as advertised on TV? Just curious about it and would like to have some feedback if so.
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    Elder Abuse

    Thought I'd share a story and inquire how everyone feels about Elder Abuse. I was in a restaurant a couple of days ago and was compelled to watch and listen to a conversation between two ladies. They were sitting at a table close to me and I overheard the conversation which got my attention. I'm...
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    Welcome to Art and Design

    I see we have some pretty talented people here at CC!!! Great work everyone!!! I only knit, cross stitch and do needle point. Can't upload any pics of my work as it's not here with me. My daughter does oil paintings and I can only wish to be as talented. I have a neice that writes, she too...
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    Kitchen tricks and tips

    LOL Juan....I can laugh because the same sorta thing happened to me once. Man did I get a startle and a blister....I concentration whilst in the kitchen is required! Here's a little cleaning tip...use aluminum foil on the bottom of your oven as it will stay clean longer...the...