Osama bin Laden is dead.

I just found something that confirms his death and the date which should hopefully end this discussion.

Dead or Alive? - Osama Bin Laden (external - login to view)
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I just found something that confirms his death and the date which should hopefully end this discussion.

Dead or Alive? - Osama Bin Laden (external - login to view)

Hell I'm convinced now, thanks for putting it all to rest.

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We'll be occupying Pakistan soon. I wonder what excuse they'll use or what will get blown to bits? I won't be riding VIA or Amtrack for the next while.

They are starting with how they hid and assisted OBL for 6 years or however long they claim he was there. They will throw in how all Pakistan's nukes are not safe and can be easily got and used by all the terrorists they hide and support.

They have already started ramping up the drone attacks, more in the last 2 weeks than in the previous 4 months.

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''He died years ago. Too politically soon after 9-11.''

Interesting comment. There has been talk by conspiracy believers that there is no such thing as al-Qaeda and that the idea behind its existence is to justify further involvement in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't quite know what or who to believe. But one thing missing in today's discussions is, now that OBL is recognized as dead, and AQ has definitely been quieted, is there further justification for involvement in the ME? Are there alternate solutions or ways of dealing with the problems there? Why is it that the news of OBL's reported death has not changed government policy in the ME??

Did you really expect them to change anything other than raising the threat level and stomping on a few more civil liberties?
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The worst part is that the playoffs are a conspiracy as well.

Oh, totally. They're all fake!!
I think President Obama found this raid to get OBL addictive. He says he would go anywhere to get someone like Binny with or without a countries permission.

Obama: would raid Pakistan again if militant found - Yahoo! News (external - login to view)

As I said, were still out there hunting.

ISLAMABAD – An al-Qaida leader sought in the 2008 Mumbai siege and rumored to be a longshot choice to succeed Osama bin Laden was believed killed in a U.S. drone attack as he met with other militants in an apple orchard in Pakistan, an intelligence official said Saturday. If confirmed, it would be another blow against the terror organization a month after the slaying of its leader.
The purported death of Ilyas Kashmiri — who also was accused of killing many Pakistanis — could help soothe US-Pakistan ties that nearly unraveled after the May 2 bin Laden raid.

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110604/ap_on_re_as/as_pakistan (external - login to view)

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