earthquake in japan


I just this minute heard this news.
Watching it right now on the news. 8.4 magnitude and 4 meter tsunami.

This is complete devastation. Earthquake caused 44 massive fires. Huge one at a refinery.

Tsunami's from 4- 7 meters.

Over 1200 missing in one town.
Here is an article from

TOKYO - The biggest earthquake to hit Japan in 140 years struck the northeast coast on Friday, triggering a 10-metre tsunami that swept away everything in its path, including houses, cars and farm buildings on fire, media and witnesses said.
At least one person was killed in Fukushima prefecture, north of Tokyo where four million homes were without power. The 8.9 magnitude quake caused many injuries, public broadcaster NHK said, sparked fires and the wall of water, prompting warnings to people to move to higher ground in coastal areas.
The Philippines, Taiwan and Indonesia all issued tsunami alerts, reviving memories of the giant tsunami which struck Asia in 2004. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued alerts for countries as far away as Colombia and Peru.
There were several strong aftershocks. In the capital Tokyo, buildings shook violently. An oil refinery near Tokyo was on fire, with dozens of storage tanks under threat.
"I was terrified and I'm still frightened," said Hidekatsu Hata, 36, manager of a Chinese noodle restaurant in Tokyo's Akasaka area. "I've never experienced such a big quake before."
TV pictures showed the tsunami carrying the debris and fires across a large swathe of coastal farmland near the city of Sendai, which has a population of one million. The pictures suggested the death toll was going to rise.

NHK showed flames and black smoke billowing from a building in Odaiba, a Tokyo suburb, and bullet trains to the north of the country were halted.
Black smoke was also pouring out of an industrial area in Yokohama's Isogo area. TV footage showed boats, cars and trucks floating in water after a small tsunami hit the town of Kamaichi in northern Japan. An overpass, location unknown, appeared to have collapsed into the water.
Kyodo news agency said there were reports of fires in Sendai where waves carried cars across the runway at the airport.
The western prefecture of Wakayama ordered 20,000 people to evacuate after further tsunami warnings.
"The building shook for what seemed a long time and many people in the newsroom grabbed their helmets and some got under
their desks," Reuters correspondent Linda Sieg said in Tokyo.
"It was probably the worst I have felt since I came to Japan more than 20 years ago."
The quake was the biggest in 140 years. It surpasses the Great Kanto quake of Sept. 1, 1923, which had a magnitude of 7.9, killed more than 140,000 people in the Tokyo area. Seismologists had said another such quake could strike the city any time. The 1995 Kobe quake caused $100 billion in damage and was the most expensive natural disaster in history. Economic damage from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was estimated at about $10 billion.
The Tokyo stock market extended losses after the quake. The central bank said it would do everything to ensure financial stability.
Passengers on a subway line in Tokyo screamed and grabbed other passengers' hands during the quake. The shaking was so bad it was hard to stand, said Reuters reporter Mariko Katsumura.
Hundreds of office workers and shoppers spilled into Hitotsugi street, a shopping street in Akasaka in downtown Tokyo.
Household goods ranging from toilet paper to clingfilm were flung into the street from outdoor shelves in front of a drugstore.
Crowds gathered in front of televisions in a shop next to the drugstore for details. After the shaking from the first quake subsided, crowds were watching and pointing to construction cranes on an office building up the street with voices saying, "They're still shaking!," "Are they going to fall?"
Asagi Machida, 27, a web designer in Tokyo, sprinted from a coffee shop when the quake hit.
"The images from the New Zealand earthquake are still fresh in my mind so I was really scared. I couldn't believe such a big earthquake was happening in Tokyo."
The U.S. Geological Survey earlier verified a magnitude of 7.9 at a depth of 15.1 miles and located the quake 81 miles east of Sendai, on the main island of Honshu. It later upgraded it to 8.9.
A police car drove down Hitotsugi Street, lights flashing, announcing through a bullhorn that there was still a danger of shaking.
Japan's northeast Pacific coast, called Sanriku, has suffered from quakes and tsunamis in the past and a 7.2 quake struck on Wednesday. In 1933, a magnitude 8.1 quake in the area killed more than 3,000 people. Last year fishing facilities were damaged after by a tsunami caused by a strong tremor in Chile. Earthquakes are common in Japan, one of the world's most seismically active areas. The country accounts for about 20 percent of the world's earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater
Tsunami warnings all around pacific rim. Taiwan next to be hit in about 1/2 hour
Does this explain the crazy wind storm we just had a few hours ago on Vancouver Island?
they just gave tsunami warning for Bella Bella, Bella colla, North coast of BC.

US has warning for Port Angeles and Gulf Island
Ah... nothing to worry about!

YouTube - Oil refinery explodes in Japan after earthquake

Fukushima Nuclear Plant: Abnormality (external - login to view)
(Cooling malfunction)

Waves... are supposed to hit BC... people died in Africa because they were hanging on the beach and 4 feet tall waves came in and kill them. I'm a bit concerned for the city of Richmond and all the coastal cities.
[QUOTE=Trotz;1392189]Ah... nothing to worry about!

Nothing at all....I'm on the west coast less than a mile from the ocean and 7 meters over sea level.
Well there is potential for some deaths here on Vancouver Island and even in Vancouver.
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Terry Bell | Email news tips to (external - login to view)

The BC Emergency Notification System has issued a Tsunami Watch for some zones of coastal British Columbia.
Those involved include:
Zone A - the north coast and Haida Gwaii islands.
Zone B - the central coast including Bella Bella, Bella Coola and Shearwater.
Zone C - the outer west coast of Vancouver Island from Cape Scott to Port Renfrew.
Local Governments in these zones are advised to activate their emergency plans and standby for further information.
The Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre will issue updated information, as soon as it is available.
No other areas of Coastal British Columbia are at risk.
Further bulletins will follow.
Emergency warning released on CKNW website.

Local News Story (external - login to view)

Hawaii just hit with 4.5 magnitude quake, Tsunami to hit soon.

Japan - all trains stopped, all tunnels closed, cell service down in many places.

CBC predicts 1 meter tsunami along BC coast.
What the heck is a meter mean? The height of an adult male? How much impact weight is that? Will cars and boats be pushed? Will Richmond sink into the country (if it's hit). Et Al?
meter =3 feet

Not very high but will move cars and trucks.

Some of the video from japan shows a wave about 3-4 feet picking up a semi.
I'll wait until Hawaii. They underestimated the waves during the last Tsuanmi and for some it was too late.
Oh good. I'll be arriving at LAX about 3pm local time. Hopefully they waves will be calmed by then.
Vid here properly shows the scale and effect of the tsunami: (external - login to view)
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Man this is big! What devastation. Daughter inlaw's family are farmers and no word from them yet.
Wow, unreal footage.
Johnny Utah

YouTube - Japan tsunami NHK TV

YouTube - Japan earthquake tsunami 79 - 89 11032011 - wajwajcom (external - login to view)
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Tsunami Slams Into Santa Cruz Harbor - News Story - KTVU San Francisco (external - login to view)
BC is still under tsunami watch.

Complete devastation in Japan. The body count will continue to rise over the next few days I think.
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I just this minute heard this news.

Tripoli might have been a better choice of location.
My thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people and all who have relatives in the affected areas. The images on CNN are simply overwhelming, especially the fires that are burning out of control and the shots of the tsunami coming ashore destroying everything in its path are unbelievable. CNN also reported that the wave went over six miles inland.
Johnny Utah
Looks like one of Japan's nuclear reactors might go Chernobyl..
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Ah... nothing to worry about!

Nothing at all....I'm on the west coast less than a mile from the ocean and 7 meters over sea level.

my daughter lives just outside ucluelet, but fairly high and dry, wasn't a problem for her, but
could have been about half a mile away, in the little inlet that comes in from the ocean and goes right past
town of ucluelet.

but she informed me this morning, that the warning was lifted.
1.08 meter wave hit Tofino but that was it...should have had the board out.
There is some talk about the death toll being above one million also that a dozen or so small cities (70,0000 pop)along the Japanese coast have been wiped out.
Johnny Utah
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There is some talk about the death toll being above one million also that a dozen or so small cities (70,0000 pop)along the Japanese coast have been wiped out.

The town that drowned: Fresh pictures from the port where 9,500 people are missing after it was swept away by the megaquake

Read more: Japan earthquake and tsunami: 10,000 people missing in Minamisanriku | Mail Online

If any country can rebound from a catastrophic event like this it's Japan..
Comments from Piers


(external - login to view) (external - login to view) (external - login to view)
Piers Corbyn (Piers_Corbyn) on Twitter (external - login to view)

As New Zealand is struck by Earthquake Piers says:-
Expect more earthquakes world-wide for next two years
• More Earthquakes near solar activity minima
• Odd-Even cycle minima (like THIS one) probably worse
• More Earthquakes associated with Solar proton events

Christchurch, South Island New Zealand was struck by a damaging shallow level Earthquake on 21 Feb and is suffering severe aftershocks. See video & news - As it happened: 6.3 earthquake rocks Christchurch, New Zealand |
This event follows the world wide increase in volcanism and earthquakes in the last year or two and confirms the general statistical fact that more - and more serious - earthquakes, and volcanic activity, tend to occur around solar cycle minima - see, eg, article by Gui Qing ZHANG
The article by Zhang also associates increased Earthquakes with general increases in solar proton events. Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of comments:

"Major storms are also associated with solar proton events and significantly we had important solar proton events on 28 Jan just before our predicted world double whammy of the simultaneous mega blizzard USA and mega Tropical Cyclone Yasi hitting Queensland -
"There was also a surge of solar protons associated with the major X2 flare of 15 Feb which preceded another pair of simultaneous USA blizzards and East of Queensland Tropical Cyclone formation (TC Atu) 18/19 Feb both of which we predicted weeks ahead - News from WeatherAction
"We now think that it is not just general solar proton event levels which point towards more earthquakes but that individual solar proton events exacerbate immediate earthquake (and associated volcanism) risk either directly or due to consequent storm activity and related surface pressure changes such as caused by our solar triggered and predicted Tropical Cyclone Atu which is currently centred North of New Zealand and heading closer. See:-
There are also additional lunar effects on storm development and earthquakes & volcanism and for solar drivers it appears that the odd-even minima, particularly the later part ie the rising phase of even solar cycles - WHICH IS WHERE WE ARE NOW (early Solar Cycle 24) - are the most dangerous.

"We mentioned these facts when we successfully made a one-off prediction of re-exacerbation of the Iceland Earthquake in April 2010 - See WeatherActionNews2010 No16 and No17:- (Also earthquake data links)

"Prediction of individual Earthquakes is very hard but we are very confident of a continuing period of significantly enhanced earthquake and volcanic activity as well as extreme weather events for the coming one or two years, probably exceeding the levels of the most active extended periods in at least the last 100 years",said Piers

• Latest long range Weather Action extreme weather events forecasts for FEB are available with instant access for USA, & 'Rest of world'. Purchase now is inclusive of access to the coming forecasts for March- WeatherAction Membership

NASA on dangers of recent solar proton bursts -

The earth is falling apart, not because 'over population' 'global warming' or any other bs excused we are being fed. People are fking with Earth hiding it as 'research' and we're paying (both ways) for it.
I come to the thread theory at first from a report of a person in the japan area at the time, He basicly said moments before the [COLOR=#E0E060 ! important][COLOR=#E0E060 ! important]earthquake[/COLOR][/COLOR] hit he was in a park and both him and his son and EVERYONE else there felt scared and worried he quoted his son saying 'daddy were going to die'. and this is before the quake! This is HAARP in action people. Messing with the Electro-[COLOR=#E0E060 ! important][COLOR=#E0E060 ! important]magnetic [COLOR=#E0E060 ! important]field[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] in the earth. do you know what happens when your natural EM field is displaced? You begin to feel crazy, confused,...

Quote has been trimmed

HAARP causes Japan earthquake/tsunami and every other recent EQ, page 1 (external - login to view)

HAARP is tiny the sun is very big.

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