Define Human Shields?

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No no your friend was actually wrong. The Role of the artillery is to defeat the enemy through indirect fire.

The aim of the artillery is to drop rounds short in order to motivate the Van Doo's toward the objective.

Wait til Bear hears this.

I am just a vessel that carried the message. I laughed my *** of though.
Why does my brother inlaw spend all morning building targets to teach recruits how to destroy them in the afternoon? That's prettty damn direct when all that is left is a whole full off toothpicks?
Purpose of artillery is to destroy the enemies will to fight. Drop it on him, over him, drive him into a area you want him, in short obliterate them.
Yup. Supressing (destructive) and covering fire (advance/move troops)
The Art of War - a true oxymoron.
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The Art of War - a true oxymoron.

Oh, have you read it?
The Art of War

Good by Old Man. A soldier bids fairwell to his friend.

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Why can't you just answer the question?


I believe this information to be accurate. Read starting at pg 59. (external - login to view)

OK, I read it. Eye witness testimony of Hezbollah parking munitions at Mosques, Hezbollah admitting it builds tunnels and bases in civilian areas.


Since Israel has demonstrated little regard for non-Jewish civilians, Hezbollah using them as human shields would be an ineffective tactic.

That's an awesome dismissal of the facts EAO.


In the few cases where civilians complained about the presence of Hezbollah fighters, those fighters moved. Hezbollah is a political party and sensitive to complaint by civilians regarding their activities. Let me know when Hezbollah starts hiding behind Jews and Israelis the same way the IDF hides behind nine-year-old Arab children.

Nice comparison of an isolated case to Hezbollah's admitted tactic of using civilian areas as military positions so they can film the deaths for their Pallywood productions.

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How many average citizens live near military installations?

16,000+ live near Borden.

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As an Artillery friend of mine once explained

The Role of the Artillery is to drop rounds short n order to Prod the Van Doos onto the objective.

Blow me.

Back on topic...

A human shield is, anyone used by military personnel to protect themselves, or anyone used as a public relations prop.

By EAO's definition, which of course is AI's definition, anyone involved in urban warfare is guilty of a war crime.

Here's a challenge, go into a Legion and tell some Vets that liberated places like Appledorn or anywhere else in Holland. Who literally fought the Germans door to door, house to house, that they're guilty of a war crime.

This is the problem, AI, HRW, base their definition of a war crime on the premise that war is a crime. People like EAO that fail to grasp that fact, then use that same definition when debating or dissecting information, lose sight of reality. Now I know EAO has a soft spot in his heart for Vets, and I know he wouldn't think of calling a Canadian Vet, who actually sat in a church steeple or somebodies house and picked off German Soldiers a war criminal. Maybe, but I've been known to be wrong.

EAO and many people like him have a double standard when it comes to Israel.
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The Art of War - a true oxymoron.

Have you read Sun Tzu? Brilliant author.

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