Lotto 649 - 40 Million, what would you do?

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Lotto max and 649 are SCAMS set up by the OLG.....I actually called them cause the odds were not making sense as per the amount of tickets sold....they amount of people who draw there own numbers are 20 percent.....quick pick numbers accumulate to 70-80 percent....heres the catch....THEY WILL DRAW THE SAME NUMBERS AND DISPERSE THEM ACCORDINGLY.....for example if you get a quick pick number lets say 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 they will regenerate that same line repeatedly to others...they wouldnt give me the exact ratio of how often this occurs but this is all part of the SCAM

Quick picks are random and I believe random means having the same chance as every other combination. There is no valid reason to screw around with a system that can be managed much better by mathematics. While mathematics won't necessarily give the desired effects for a few episodes over the long haul they will and that is what the Lottery Corps. is "banking" on.
you would think that if you are using quick pick that the numbers that you get are "random" but its really not....think about it....649 has a 1 in 14.5 million chance of winning.....not bad odds....given that the number of tickets being sold on any given draw would seem to favor "us"....however thats why they regenerate the numbers to keep the odds favoring them....I would like to set up a website similar to how OLG has for us to view "winning numbers". If you go to the site and type in your numbers they will tell you if they ever won and list the winning numbers.....I want to do the opposite and have people post there losing numbers and compare them nationwide....I'm sure this would open up a can of worms that the OLG would try to put a stop too....let me know if anyone would like to set this up.....Im sure it would generate HUGE hits....and similarly once this catches on....
"we" would be able to actually see what numbers are not being "randomly" picked etc. and maybe a way to beat the system.....worth the setup forsure

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