Bush vetoes bill calling for troop pullout

CBC News
U.S. President George W. Bush defied Congress on Tuesday, vetoing a war funding bill that ordered the president to start bringing American troops home from Iraq within four months.

W has what most politicians don't...backbone.
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W has what most politicians don't...backbone.

He does??? Since when did he get that? And a backbone is useless if you don't have the brains to back it up.

HOWEVER, with that said, I don't feel that a pullout of troops anytime soon is the right way to go. I DO feel, however, that a serious change in direction is needed by the US troops in order to gain some sense of security and some sense of trust in the region. They have done a terrible job of winning hearts and minds, and I still believe that is the best way to make any headway in this crisis.
Serious question-
I have read a bit about this and still can't figure this out- since the veto was used, does that mean the whole bill, spending and all, has to be re-submitted in some other form, or was the veto "selective" and merely used to blot out the "offending" part of the bill??
Either way, I can see this getting complicated, the elections are a long way off but both sides have things set up such that compromise will be difficult

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