Suzuki confronts environment minister over green plan

CBC News
John Baird defended his government's green plan Friday, which included fending off a public confrontation with environmentalist David Suzuki.

I can picture this same meeting with a ginseng knife and a bunch of yakooza goons being much more entertaining.

It's understood that the world is getting second tier to the $$$.

To say the least I think Mr. Suzuki and friends would like a stronger environmental approach.

I think that lightbulb laws in 5 years alone are not enough to stop what is already underway.
We need to offer insentives to businesses and speed up the shut down of american companies in Canada so that we can buy the land they bought from canadians for a reduced price, and regear it to produce robotics led environmental technologies.

We need to make use of human and animal excrements more, understand that our number #1 energy (gas/oil) and automotive insustries need to be reseponsible.. like hell they will.

We need to invest in 0 emissions production like in Japan and including 0 emissions coal energy plants. We need to do so many things.. and to do this we have to offer the incentives for the people with the purse to do it, or move to privatize certain things, and to set up crown corporations to take the initiatives to take a proactive rather than industry submisive role.

If we do not act as a people rather than an industry it will be too late.

We need to as a united force implement plans that address major international issues, not only on a domestic scale but on a global level. We must be a model of how green technologies can be successful, and we should offer tax incentives for those that do. By this I mean direct tax deductions and even funding to enable the development of the needed infrastructures that will enable a better future for us.

(I found McGuinties comments to be almost funny although he appeared serious and heartfelt.. that they need to do it, even if we didn't do it.. it needs to be done.)

I can see why the opposition parties are against the Conservative environment solution because it is a step in the right direction and they want the Conservatives to call an election and this solution would rob them of it.

This is a better plan than Kyoto.

I cannot understand why David Suzuki is opposed to this idea unless he wants to run for federal politics.

People are complaining that this plan would add more money to the cost of producing energy wasting products.

If Canadians are really serious about reduction of greenhouse gases then taxing high polluters or putting a tax on the products the polluters make is a great first step.

They did it with cigarettes by putting high taxes on the product and it cut down the demand for this killer.

We can all see that David Suzuki really does not care about coming up with a real solution but is blindly following a flawed global answer to global warming so he can keep his global status as an environmentalists.

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