Harper announces $1B in farm aid

Well if water became the new oil, Canada would be in the money! wouldn't we?
I'll hunt up the link....
in the money?
the cross-hairs more likely
something to mull over in the meantime...

Message in a bottle: water costs more than money
BOTTLED water consumption, which has more than doubled globally in the past six years, is a natural resource that is heavily taxing the world's ecosystem, according to a new US study.
www.theage.com.au/news/world/...542406188.html (external - login to view)
Towns and cities struggle with water costs

/ The St. Catharines Standard
Editorial - Saturday, March 03, 2007 @ 11:00

Water protection has been a relatively easy road to follow for the province.

The government passes directives, boosts bureaucracy, inflates costs and then sits back to watch municipalities and homeowners struggle in the new water world order.

The province's Bill 43, the Clean Water Act, set strict standards for the protection of water sources that supply municipal water systems. But while the province sets the rules, municipalities are left to shoulder the costs for implementing, regulating and policing water source protection.

Municipalities will also endure costs to amend official plans and zoning bylaws to meet the requirements of the new provincial law. (external - login to view)
www.thesudburystar.com/webapp...torial&classif (external - login to view)=
The Government Says They Own The Seas
Recently, we learned that the United States Senate was considering giving up American sovereignty over the oceans to the United Nations. As incredible as it sounds, under something called The Law of the Sea Treaty (with the very appropriate acronym of LOST), the world governing body known as the United Nations is to be given authority over the oceans of the world.
Many Republicans and Democrats have urged ratification of the international treaty, which will give the UN dominion over 70 percent of the earth’s surface – to say nothing of the natural resources involved. This is not a joke, for the original LOST treaty was actually signed while Bill Clinton was in office, but the Senate failed to ratify the treaty.
The oil industry is very interested in seeing this treaty enacted because it benefits the huge multi-national energy corporations that back the present Republican dominated government. Furthermore, as the present occupants of the White House all come from the oil industry, it should have surprised no one that former oil industry executive (and George Bush’s Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice has urged the LOST treaty be approved. This will give the United Nations the power to tax the seas.
The Government Says They Own The Rain
Here in the Northwest where Christian Media is located, we frequently get a lot of rainfall; thus we weren’t surprised to hear the residents of Washington are now being confronted by a Senate bill requiring anyone collecting rainwater on their property to get a permit from the government!
As laughable as this sounds, this absurd situation should not be taken lightly, for regional and local governments already require permits for just about everything else, including fences, pets, vehicles, trash disposal, and much much more. If this crazy effort to claim they have the authority to tax the rain is ever approved, the government would then need to have `rainwater police’ to be sure their statutes are being enforced.
Here in Oregon, we already have equally oppressive laws in force as it’s even illegal to cut a dead tree for firewood just to keep warm without government permission – and of course there is a fee involved. However, the corrupt and greedy leaders of government that play-god here in Oregon has gone even further.
They’re now proposing a new tax they call a mileage fee. In addition to the gas tax and the multitude of vehicle taxes, they want to charge people for every mile they travel. Using wireless radio technology (with a another licensing fee paid for using the air, of course) the Road User Fee Task Force (RUFTF) is attempting to pass legislation charging people a per mile fee for traveling in Oregon. It’s unclear whether or not the fee will also apply to joggers, bicyclists, or those that walk for exercise.
www.christianmediaresearch.com/cmc-81.html (external - login to view)

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