Justin Trudeau will run in Papineau

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Sorry that photo was taken from a cheap camera and it's slightly blurred he was like three feet away.
I have to admit when I went to parliment on the class trip. He would take time to go out and meet the people waiting outside, that attitude did help his Image at the time. Ill see if I have the negative and I'll try to scan it. I'll send it your way if I can.

that would be so cool! thanks!ill pm my email addy.
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well yeah,..duhhhh... who wants an ugly prime minister???? hah hah hah hah

Oh Maple, to be young again!(smiling) Lucky you not to have been alive when we had Prime Minister Diefenbacher! Now he was an ugly man! He visited Toronto in the early 1960's when I was in school. Our class was one of the ones who went to see him and he gave me the willies!Looked like a cross between an angry bulldog and a demon.....
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Justin Trudeau didn't write an article on Fidel.


Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh, to bad you got banned before I could point out I already corrected that error...

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I bet he does.

My bad it was written by Sasha(Alexander), same dif though, the socialist nut don't fall far from the tree.

El Barto
bear your giving me a complex of not reading enough.

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