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Nowhere. Gonna be cooked. Too old and buggered up for that stuff anyway, even with paint guns.

Well, then you'll have to gain a little more confidence in your abilities as shooters then, huh?

BTW, I knew why guards and cops shoot for the torso long ago. My comment on confidence and ability stands.

Anyway, the police overreacted against the old guy.

A couple of points, then I'll drop the subject......

First of all, I can stand at 20 metres with a DAO revolver and shoot head shots all day long on a stationary target. Big deal. Make the target MOVE, and put me under the stress of having my life threatened, and well..........probably not. In fact most assuredly not.

More importantly, there is another reason head shots are frowned upon. As hard as it is to believe, the chances of stopping an attack with a hit to the head are LESS than the chances of stopping an attack with a solid torso hit. Look in a mirror. Your head, from the front, is a mass of bone. You have heavy jaw bones, a brow ridge, and a mouth full of teeth. Defensive handguns are basically pop guns, and bullets from them are easily defelected by bone mass. Shooting for centre mass is the best way to stop, period.

Don't argue this one with me, argue with Evan Marshall, a Detroit homicide detective with over 25 years experience, who has studied the stopping abilities of handguns and published a book on the subject.