Canada to protest U.S. actions in Arar case

CBC News
Canada will officially protest the U.S. treatment of Maher Arar, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday.

bold move.
wonder if it is prearanged or authentic?

none the less it happened, maybe while he is at it he can ask the CIA to stop torturing other people that are abducted in other countries and such.

maybe it will go like this.

Mr. BUSH: Arar, we don't know a Mr. Arar, did you mean Mr. Arab?
Mr. HARPER: You know damn well who I mean, this could mean a majority come on lick the balls.
Mr. BUSH: It was syria not the US blame the syrians for the torture, if it was us you wouldn't know till 5 years from now, when noone cares cause they didn't do anything when we just leaked it and denied it.
Mr. HARPER: You know damn well that this coud mean a majority, come on, plus torturing our own people makes us look bad, and it is human rights violations, canada can be soft. If you are mean we can't let missle defence happen without easier critisism.

Mr. BUSH: OK but the name was so close to Arab.. can you blame us?
Mr. HARPER: Yes.
Mr. BUSH: We have nukes and the Michegan Militia could take you over, come on you saw me on my birthday can't we be friends?
Mr. HARPER: You abandoned me for the press!
Mr. BUSH: No it was sincere.
Mr. HARPER: Can you just say you won't abduct canadians and send them to secret prisons or countries that will torture them without permission.
Mr. BUSH: Why yes I can say that.
Mr. HARPER: Can you get a fall guy that gave you false intelligence on Arar, that made it seem legitimate to export him to Syria?
Mr. BUSH: Why yes I can.
Mr. HARPER: Thanks.
Mr. BUSH: No problem, you won't by chance travelling in the US anytime soon will you?
Mr. HARPER: Is that an invitation, why do you ask?
Mr. BUSH: No reason, have a good night, uncle sam can be the bad guy, and you will be tough, it's not like it matters, we'll do it again if we feel like it. Bye, say hi to your wife and children for me too.
Mr. HARPER: Bye.

sad sad reinactment..

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