Hillier to look at policy of cutting soldiers' danger pay

CBC News
The head of Canada's military said Friday he's going to do something about the current practice of taking away the danger pay of wounded soldiers.

Recruitment low, must find ways of making it look good to be a soilder.

Must get story in press that doesn't demonstrate soilders only die.. many are wounded.. and get pay!!!

All in all perhaps they should institute "recovery pay" instead. so when they are wounded and taken out they have a "reward" for being in an "engagement" if they are wounded in an engagement or related to their work they get a form of "workmans comp"

perhaps not as high as danger pay but perhaps they can keep the "recovery pay going" until they are asignable.
furthermore if a portion of pay automatically goes to a "health insurance plan" that rewards on death or disability due to being wounded in employment related duties, then it would in my opinion be quite fair.

All in all I honestly don't think they are intitled to danger pay once they leave the combat area and are taken off roster for the area. but I think they should be compensated for being injured in the line of duty.
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