Overpass collapse kills at least 4

CBC News
At least four people were killed when a highway overpass collapsed in Laval, north of Montreal, sending tonnes of concrete onto two cars, police said on Sunday.

This just shows the need for the feds to put some billions in infrastructure funding for our major cities..most of the major roads and bridges are sorely in need of repair and upkeep.
Of course this was in Montréal. Being an ex-Montréaler, I can't describe how bad the roads in the whole province of Quebec are. You literally feel the bumpy roads the second you cross the Ontario-Quebec border on the way from Kingston.

In this case, you can blame the provincial government and not the feds.. although the feds better get their act together and put more time and money into our people and infrastructure instead of importing 300,000 third-world immigrants a year, pampering them, giving them special rights for votes and then forgetting about the people who built this country.

That's my 0,02€

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