Canada adding to 'tragic' conditions of Palestinians: UN official

CBC News
Canada is partly to blame for allowing human rights for Palestinians to deteriorate to a new low, a UN rights expert says.

What a load of crap, Palestinians are to blame. They elected Hamas to run their country, deal with the fall, I say. I feel no sympathy for them on this issue as well as to the state of their Nation after the Israelis pulled back. You lay down with dogs, you're bound to get flies.
So we cut off funding, like was said above they made their bed no they are lying in it. What I want to know is why are we (as western governments) responsible for giving anything at all to the Palestinians?

Isn't this an enlightened culture who apparently if you believe whats said about them, capable of great things? Why aren't they helping themselves?

Yes, my questions are rhetorical, sarcastic and whatever else you might want to call them. But seriously, I think it is a bit lame for the Palestinians or any other group of people to want to be free of western influence, but have no qualms at all about accepting the Great Satans' money.

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