Canada won fisheries reforms after threatening to leave talks

CBC News
Canadian delegates nearly walked out of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization meeting last week because their proposed reforms weren't being taken seriously ? but ultimately wrangled two significant changes, the fisheries minister says.

"Loyola Hearn, the federal minister of fisheries and oceans, said Canada went into the week-long talks in Dartmouth, N.S., determined to win tougher sanctions on foreign overfishing that has depleted fish stocks off the East Coast."


according to at least one local expert Loyola is taking a bow for solving a problem that doesn't exist...

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Dude, 3 of my uncles own off shore/ deep sea fishing boats/trollers, and I have worked on 2 of them for a few summers in the last 5 years, beleave me their is no threat. Iam from the coast and a fishing Village at that, its one thing i have some first hand knowlage at.

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