Pope scolds Canada on gay marriage, abortion

The Pope is upset with Canada. Uh oh. He doesn't like our liberal ways of allowing equal rights to homosexuals, and he doesn't like the right for women to choose. Since Canadians dont elect the Pope he has no right to tell us what to do.
The Catholic Church should be scolded for turning a blind eye to the holocaust. What about the abuse natives Canadians suffered at the hands of perverted catholic priests. Abortion is a sin, but raping children isn't?
This Pope will send the Catholic Church back into the dark ages. Whats next, burning witches?
The pope needs to shut the f up. I am so sick of the catholic church saying what's best for the family. Settle all your child molestation suits, then maybe I'll listen.
The Pope is just some guy elected to head some big corporation. Has nothing to do with me. He can say whatever he wants to, just like Paris Hilton. Maybe the two of them should meet, actually.
This is coming from a man who lives with a bunch of other men that have nothing better to do than judge people who have a live because they don't have a life?
The Catholic church was far from "turning a blind eye to the holocaust". Perhaps you should read the writings of Jewish leaders of the time, the Catholic church was considered by many to be their greatest ally in saving as many as they could.

What exactly did you expect the church to do? This isn't the 12th century it couldn't rally a crusade to the heart of protestant germany.

The pope is free to condemn all he likes. Freedom of speech means hearing things you don't like. Him speaking his religion doesn't mean we have to obey it anymore than if he said we had to wear our shoes on our heads and drive cars blindfolded.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zzarchov

The pope is free to condemn all he likes. Freedom of speech means hearing things you don't like. Him speaking his religion doesn't mean we have to obey it anymore than if he said we had to wear our shoes on our heads and drive cars blindfolded.

Exactly and gays in Canada have a right to live loving lives without listening to hypocrites.
The Roman Catholic Church has been and remains the greatest plague upon mankind this planet has ever seen.
The big thing that bothers me

about the Catholic Church (I was raised Catholic)is that people with absolutely no experience raising families pass out gobs of wholesale advice to families that is garbage. I believe it was the last Pope Pius who said "birth control was denying the poor the right to be born". I can't think of anything more stupid when unbridled reproduction is the cause of a lot of poverty in the world.
How about the position of the Catholic Church that denial of birth control (condoms) to the people of African nations reeling under the onslaught of the greatest pathogene to hit this century is the "godly" thing to do?

Unfortunately far too many people do listen to what this dictator says. Too many people have been victims to the Catholic Church for too many decades to grant the Catholic Church or its spokesperson the latitude to ponficiate without challenge.

Hiding pedophiles and promoting homophobia aren't somehow the message that I believe any "god" would want spun by his earthly mouthpiece....
MickeyDB I think the fact that the rolls of new priests are on the downslide is proof that that particular mouthpiece is on its way of being silenced if they don't start singing a new tune.
I suppose we'll have to settle for that Feronia but I'd like to visit the Inquisitors methodology of justice on the whole lot. At a minimum any authority abusing his/her power to molest children should be arrested and put on trial. Same goes for wanton disregard and abetting a criminal activity...see the Holy See.
The Pope shouldn't tell Canadians what to do and neither should the Canadian government. Canadians are mature and educated enough to make decisions on their own. If they want capital punishment they should have it. If they want gay marriage to be an act of civil union that's the way it should be. At the moment special interests are largely in charge here. Democracy it ain't.

Well said my friend, but Canadians haven't experienced a real democracy for years. The great NAFTA deal that the U.S. can ignore anytime it's interests aren't served, the gouging that's going on at the gas pumps while Imperial Oil posts the largest profits EVER...the list goes on and on..

We live in a nation that is ruled by the wealthy for the wealthy and any silly notions that anyone may have about democracy are cosswollop.
'Tis true. And it's another reason why the kids shouldn't be in Afghanistan. Clearly the mission is about standing up against terrorism but it's also about standing up for the western way of life. Canada is a crappy democracy. No Canadian kid should be fighting on behalf of a nation that respects his franchise so little.
It is the "western way of life" that's responsible for the agony of Afghanistan, the global warming thats finally been acknowledged by the Bush stooges and a whole list of very dark consequences for people from nations around the world.

It's the western way of life that implants expectations as entitlements and coerces compliance to a consumerist ethos that's choking the world to death.
The western way of life is muddled indeed and so are most other, if not all, cultural arenas. The world's major problem isn't cultural, it's demographic. There are way too many of us and western societies especially - and unbelievably - are coaxing as many of us as possible to live to old age. It's profoundly warped.
But I'd disagree with that analysis Tamarin...

The self-destructiveness demanded by paving over farmland so you can whisk the family off to the latest fun-park or amusement ride coupled with an appetite cultivated by big business to consume without reflection requires sweatshops and ever-expanding landfil sites.

Misuse of earths natural resources and the imprudence of global wars that have seeded dioxins and pathogens across the planet wouldn't have happened if the evolution of humankind included some degree of maturation that kept pace with his infantile fascination with technology. We're killing ourselves when if we'd acted with forethought and exercised some quality long-range thinking, we wouldn't be facing the forced extinction of species we do today. This planet can support the people that are here, what it can't support is the exhaustion of billions upon billions of calories of energy that using up petroleum reseves has begun.
We've been conditioned to expect (with immediacy) the easiest the fastest, the biggest the most of everything without paying any attention to the consequences that must befall the remaining occupants in this little lifeboat whirling through space.

Hurricanes and tornados will get worse and flooding will take even more land away that could have been used for food production. While we decimate forests to produce paper to wipe our asses after we've **** in our water supply, we wonder how all this unfolding tragedy came about.

Look in the mirror.
"We're killing ourselves when if we'd acted with forethought and exercised some quality long-range thinking, we wouldn't be facing the forced extinction of species we do today."

And that's the rub. Any 'quality long-range thinking' would quickly concur human overpopulation is the problem. And yet, because we've carefully woven human rights protections into all credible world covenants we cannot take the action that's startlingly obvious.
I'm sure you realize that grey-power, the fifty plus crowd of today has more money than any demographic preceeding it. Living a long time is the route to amassing wealth and avoiding that terrible bogeyman the grim reaper.

Religion and predominantly the Roman Catholic Church has taught human beings that we are fundamentally and innately flawed beings with an evil nature. The "promise" of an afterlife of luxuriant non-neediness appeals to those who'd like nothing more than to go on consuming for eternity.

What is evil in this world is the erection of counterfeit values with bankrupt concepts. It's OK to hate homosexuals and women are of course second class citizens...please open your hymnal to ...

What nonesense!
Bash Bush Catholics and Canada's way of life, you people are disgusting and I hope don't live in Canada.
With Texas on your nomenker you can't be a Canadian either. Thank goodness!
Quote: Originally Posted by tamarin

With Texas on your nomenker you can't be a Canadian either. Thank goodness!

Sorry to disappoint you but.......................I AM CANADIAN.
1.) Feronia: No they aren't. That is the NATURE of free speech. They can live their life as they wish, the same as anyone else, but like anyone else they also have to listen to things they don't care about. simplest solution here is don't listen to the pope if you don't believe in Catholocism.

2.) MikeyDB..come now, isn't that a little bigoted to assume africans are that stupid?

That they knowingly break the churches position on extra and pre-marital sex but then get all confused by their condom policy? They aren't retards. Condoms could be falling from the sky they still wouldn't use one for the same reason they don't now. If your wife catches you with a condom in your pocket she'll cut your willy off, same as here.

I hate to break it to you , but if you don't like the Catholic religion you don't have to follow it, but that doesn't mean you get to tell other people how to follow their religion either, its not a democracy or a wiki-religion. You can't change parts that are now socially unacceptable.

If its unacceptable, and its not physically doing anything, just preaching. Just ignore it..and sooner or later it will fade away like many religions before it.

Sorry if it disappoints you but I do live in Canada and I care a great deal about how we all live as members of the same species sharing this little planet.

Bush Catholicism and conspicuous consumption without regard for the consequences all have something in common, care to hazard a guess what that might be?

If it were a case of mouthing words absent of impact on human perception then you'd be right, ignore them and get on with living. But the reality is that this religion teaches hatred. It teaches hatred of homosexuality, it reinforces the "correctness" of prejudice based on gender, it uses the unprovable as the foundation for its moral theses and ....well lots of other real-world bad things over its history.

But the real issue I have with Catholicism is that their high priests abuse people and their authority. They have usurped the tenets of an otherwise (a great many parts) sound social philosophy and strategy for life and turned them into a mechanism for coercing compliance and embedding fear.

I'm not really interested in arguing about the evils of the practices of the Roman Catholic Church, and if you choose to embrace that particular dogma go for it. Just remember that when the decision is made by that church that political engines will recieve support for policies and programs that will directly affect human lives, it is your willing suspension of the power of rationality that is their greatest power.
The high priests don't abuse people in their authority any more so than any other authority figure though. This is why we have things like Internal Affairs for Cops, this doesn't mean we should disband the police.

And all religions are unprovable, thats the nature of them. And you know what? Teaching hatred is fine too. I honestly don't care if people hate each other deep down as long as they can sit down, shut up and behave in society without causing physical harm to each other.

Society should not be in a position to tell people how to think and feel, only how to act so we can function as a society. Many many people for instance hate me, competitors in my business, but as long as they follow the law and compete fairly I don't care, thats their right to hate me.
The devils in the details isn't it? When a religion espouses "suffer not the little children to come unto me" and the practioners of this religion then molest children it plants a seed of doubt in my mind about the conviction and committment to that particular dogma. For governments to abuse people (as I would agree they've done for ages) isn't quite the same thing as using the "word of god" to establish ones authority then demonstrating through behavior and at the podium that hatred and prejudice evolve from the same source as the "love" of god....

Bastards and liars one and all.
You think teaching hatred is perfectly OK so long as that hatred isn't translated into action...is that about it?

Doesn't the Roman Catholic dogma teach that thinking the thought is tantamount to committing the act?

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