Why fighter pilots wear a Typhoon Grin

I hate flying, my other half took me for a flight in a Jet Ranger and I bawled like a baby, I had a full grown temper tantrum. Those guys and gals who work on rigs get a thumbs up from me. I couldn't stand living on a rig for 14 days, I'd go ga-ga.

I am sorry you don't like flying....the Jet Ranger is reliable and safe tho isn't it?

Is it the altitude or the fear or the speed - which gets to you???

Hehe and you married a pilot!
I have no idea why it terrifies me, it's the same thing in a jet or a jet ranger. I can barely draw a breath, my heart races just talking about flying. Change topic, quickly.
Britain is having more of these Typhoons than any other country.

The RAF is having 232, the Luftwaffe is having 180, the Italians are having 121, the Spanish are having 87 and the French are having 0.

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