Harper says `major' changes coming to pension system

L Gilbert
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As I have said before if Harper,(Snidely Whiplash) invokes major changes to the pension plan
the citizens especially old buggers like me will trudge a hundred miles in the snow to bring a
major change to his entire government in the next election. Even those who are financial
wizards have said there is nothing wrong with the present set up. Therefore it is a long standing
policy of the old Reform Movement to make changes to pensions needed or not.

Yeah. If any people need their pensions revamped it should be MPs that have done their 6 years.
I have a hard on for harper because he's a slimy sack of **** ,just so there's no further confusion.
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You sure got a hard on for Harper and the Reformers dontcha?

He sure does
Shades of SJP....his new favorite tag line Harper,(Snidely Whiplash) kinda reminds me of Sarah (Joan of Arc) Palin...
It takes a lot of animosity to go to the trouble of typing that multiple times in the last week.....
A shortcut key maybe????

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