Secret of Space: Nasa 's biggest secret

Case Findings: Based on our findings this was a real event. Original investigators falsified reports.
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Excerpts from The Scranton Tribune

  • Sunday Nov 10 1974
Carbondale police clamped a lid of secrecy around the Russell Park area early this morning after persons reported seeing a strange light in the area possibly from a UFO-type object. A call was made to Forrest City police for a geiger counter at 1:30 am this morning. Carbondale officials also were in touch by phone with the government UFO information center in the Midwest.
  • Monday Nov 11 1974

A short time later, Dottle said a few youths told policethey saw the object come from Salem mountain and landin the pond which is located by the old DeAngeles Colliery.Once in the water, it began to radiate a mysterious glow.Several attempt by the police to retrieve the mysteriousobject with grappling hooks and a net proved fruitless andat 3:00 am, they accidentally covered the object with debrisfrom the pond.He than ruled out the possibility the object could have beena meteorite for two reasons: A meteorite would have fizzed outon impact with the water and it would not give off a glow. (DrAllen Hynek)When asked if it could be a part of a satellite, he did notdismiss the possibility but said that the glowing would stillremain a mystery.Due to the possibility someone might injury themselvesDottle completely sealed the area and called for theCivil Air Patrol for guard duty

  • Tuesday Nov 12 1974
Carbondale authorities tried to put the lid on the case at a 6 PM news conference at city hall. The official verdict: It was a hoax. Some one called police Saturday at 7 PM and said they saw bright lights shoot over a mountain , hoover over a pond and then drop 500 feet into the water. Before investigators got to the scene, the pranksters allegedly dropped the lighted lantern into the pond. A popular (theory) one is that the five youngsters who made the first calls to the police were in two groups in two different areas. In the minutes after the first report, there were several other calls making it believable that if it were a hoax, it was a complicated one. There were reports that policemen tried to put a net on the glowing object described by one investigator as two feet in diameter, on Sunday morning but that it slipped from the webbing and fell deeper in the pond where it was covered by mud an debris. Another spectator said the object moved when it was shot at by a Carbondale officer. Dottle (acting police chief.) said late Monday that no one fired at the source of the light. And the youngsters who started it all early Saturday night were sticking to their story evan after a barrage of questioning by police and news reporters from as far as away as Philadelphia.
The Miner
  • Thursday Nov 14 1974
There is still rampant speculation in the general public, however , that the full story of the UFO has yet to told. This skepticism has even affected us here at The Miner ,as part of our staff firmly maintains that there's still something up there. The credibility of the Carbondale officials is beingquestioned by a large segment of the public that is convinced that the lantern was planted in the pond in order to diminishthe public curiosity.
Excerpts from unknown newspaper
  • date unknown
The two-day long UFO incident began Saturday nightaround 7 PM, when three teenage boys heard a noise inthe sky. the boys, Bill Lloyd, his brother John, and RobertGillette, the noticed a red ball coming from over Salem Mountain. It reportedly hovered over the DeAngelis Breaker pond and then plunged into the pond. About 9 PM Carbon-dale police investigated the incident after several phone calls. Arriving at the scene Patrolman John Barbaro and JosephJacobina observed a glowing object in the water about 20feet from the shore line. Maintaining the vigil were police and members of Carbon-dale and Scranton Civil Air Patrol. At that time , he also noted that both NORAD and NASAhad talked with the Carbondale police and that they reportedthat they knew of no satellite or other airborne objects which were missing(Robert D Barry,20th Century U.F.O. ResearchInvestigation Center.) It was at 2:30 PM that Mark Stamey of Syracuse N.Y. entered the water in his scuba diving gear. The boatmade its way to the spot where the glowing light wasseen Sat night and early Sun morning by witness. Stamey made several dives into the murky water. Atabout 2:35 he handed members of the boat crew thelantern he had found in 8 to 10 feet of water.
Excerpts from The Scranton Times
  • Monday Nov 11 1974
Three teen-agers said they were walking about three blocks away from the silt pond when they heard a whirring sound in the sky above them. They looked up and saw a red ball crossing over Salem Mountain from the east and it was emitting sparks until it hoovered over the silt pond and then plunged about 500 to the water.The Gilltte boy said it turned the color of a bright star before it fell. Still considering the matter a hoax and thinking the light may be flashlight patrolman Jacobina took out his service pistol and fired. Jacobina said he failed to hit the object. The Gillette boy said the object moved when it was shot at. Two Wayne County deputy sheriffs told acting Chief Dottle Sunday afternoon they"knew what the object is." they declined to elaborate but note they had similar things happen recently in Wayne County
  • Tuesday Nov 12 1974
Mr Barry told reporters " three witness reported to us that the UFO came from an easterly direction over SalemMountain, landed in the middle of the pond...... He did not say it crashed into ,he said it landed in the middle of the pond to approx 25 feet from shore. He added,"we have 3 witnesses that saw it in flight and two witness saw it in the pond moving to where it finally stopped. When a reporter questioned Mr. Barry on the credibility ofthe witnesses, he replied "because they are teen-agers doesn't mean they're not credible witnesses". " I'd say 15 min elapsed between splashdown and thetime I got here . I stayed there until 3:25 in the morning.The glow seemed to dim, then less intense, then brighter. I'd say it took 5 min to complete a cycle. It pulsated very slowly. You could just about see it at its lowest point." This witnesses was older than the youngsters who first told police about the object.
Alien Crashes and Bodies Recovered (Updates will be seen in Red)

Dates....Locations and Bodies Recovered

10,000 B.C.
Sino-Tibetan Border The stunning story of the Dropas (external - login to view)

4,000 Year old Crash Site
found in Grand Canyon on Arizona
Click here for details (external - login to view)

UFO Crash of 1561
Nurenberg, Germany (external - login to view)12-22-09
Six years after Kitty Hawk, newspapers from New York to Chicago were were astounded by national reports of a huge airship flying across the nation and seen by thousands. It crashed west of Chicago, but was never found. The story was front-page news in the nation's major newspapers.
CZERNICA, near Jielenia Gora. Seized by Nazi Germany, after Polish Invasion One Year Later. Updated 12-10-02

Mr. C M Tenney, returning from Gt. Falls to Conrad, saw an oval object that followed his car while balls of fire fell all over the road. Later that day he was phoned by a colonel from Malmstrom AFB who asked him to come to the base at 10 a.m. the next day. He was escorted to a windowless room inside a fenced-off compound and asked to sign a statement. While doing so, he says he saw two men carrying large laundry bags containing humanoid bodies.

4 bodies recovered

October 2, 1948
Phoenix/ Paradise Valley Arizona
(Dreamy Draw)
Cave Creek Arizona.
Approx. 3 months after Roswell, a UFO crashed somewhere in the Dreamy Draw area. Another version to the report has it that a UFO settled down in the Dreamy Draw area but actually crashed 10 miles away near Cave Creek landfill.

The remains of its two aliens, described as about 4½ feet tall, were recovered. They were kept in some guy's freezer for a while and then taken away by the military.

Some believe the reason the Army Corps of Engineers built the Dreamy Draw Dam was not for flood control, but to bury the UFO...
Also in that same area, you will find a large underground vault.

Cave Creek, Arizona
Only one living witness remains, living in Prescott, AZ.

Socorro, NM
Another craft came down in this vicinity that was much like the Aztec craft according to an ex-army private. The craft had multiple compartments, a central shaft or pole, a conveyor walk, and the outer shell of the craft was transparent from inside the craft.

Please click on this link for my site on Aztec showing picture and giving more information
(external - login to view)
(South of Laredo)
possibly due to interception by American military aircraft. Photographic evidence was made of the alien bodies recovered (12-10-02)
1 body recovered

When a disc crashed near Birmingham, the area was cordoned off and humanoid bodies were flown to Maxwell AFB, according to a man who claims to have flown the helicopter with the bodies to a waiting aircraft.
Total bodies unknown at this time.

3 bodies recovered

2 bodies recovered

16 bodies recovered

No bodies recovered

People were taken in blacked-out buses to the crash site updated
1body recovered 12-10-02
A USAFveteran claims to have participated in the recovery of a crashed aluminum-like disc impacted 20 inches into the earth. It was oval, 32 feet wide. Inside were two swivel chairs, an oval cabin and numerous instruments. One 4 foot tall occupant was recovered, dead. It was a dark brown complexion and wore a silvery metal suit with no helmet. The witness affidavit was released by respected UFO researcher Ray Fowler in UFO Magazine, April 1976.

Reports indicate that the aliens survived the crash, taking refuge in the nearby woods and is related to the Kingman Crash (Cseti)

4 bodies recovered

5 bodeis recovered

4 bodies recovered

4 bodies recovered

Utah Desert
Craft was in excellent condition but mysteriously abandoned by occupants update 12-04-02
4 bodies recovered

Jan 21, 1959
Gdynia Poland update 12-04-02

New Paltz, New York
Local law enforcement authorities captured a small humanoid outside his craft while two co-pilots escaped. The alien was turned over to the CIA and died 28 days later.

2 bodies recovered

9 bodies recovered

Crash in Kecksburg, PA


crashes in Kentucky/Ohio Area
3 bodies recovered
1 UFO Found Intact
1 body recovered

Shag Harbor Incident.
The One that got away.
Click here for details (external - login to view)

recovered Craft (Stone) 12-04-02

3 bodies recovered

5 bodies recovered

Chili, NM
An Air Force team allegedly removed a 60 foot wide metallic object from an impact area and moved it to Kirtland AFB

4 bodies recovered

5 bodies recovered

11 bodies recovered

2 bodies recovered

no bodies recovered

7 bodies recovered

2 live bodies recovered

Live Alien transported
in 2 galaxy transportsf from S.Africa to Wright AFB. This was the follow up of below crash
9 live bodies recovered

Alien space craft crashed into a remote area of
Southhaven Park in Shirley, NY.
(external - login to view)The incident happened just after 7 PM according to John Ford, chairman of the Long Island UFO Network.

Buffalo, NEW YORK
10 Miles N. of Buffalo, 100' in diameter. Crash Site was cleaned up.
Not known if there were survivors 12-10-02

Pinedale, ARIZONA
Multiple witnesses saw a white light falling out of the sky, break into three balls of light and crash into the forest..
Click here for the rest of the story. (external - login to view)

WEGORZEWO, Suwalki Providence. Site cleaned up by Polish Army.
No known survivors

Alien Ship beaches itself in Guam, Uranas Reef.
Survivors unknown. 12-10-02

Unidentified spherical object landed near the Angolan village of Manzawu, in northern Uije province. Object weighs around 10kg and measures some 50 centimetres in diameter. Angolan Armed Forces were sent to investigate. No further information (AFP) (external - login to view)

On May 13th 2008, the Vatican came forward to make an announcement that "It Is OK To Believe In Aliens." Twelve days later, NASA lands the Mars Phoenix Lander which is designed to search for life on the Martian surface. Are these two incidents linked?
Here is a link to AP's article (external - login to view) on the Vatican and Aliens

For years, claims have spread that NASA already knows that there is life outside the Earth, and NASA have known about life on Mars for decades. So far, NASA has broken the news slowly and steadily. First it was declared that Mars has an atmosphere and Oxygen. Then came the possibility of water. Next the announcement that there definitely was water. More recently, NASA announced that silica deposits may be from microbial life, and now we land a robotic laboratory to search for life on the red planet.
If NASA is indeed releasing this information slowly, the obvious next step is to break the big news that microbial life does or did exist. If this were to happen (which it probably will), there is fear that religious uprisings and hysteria will set in throughout the world. This reasoning is actually considered one of the major reasons why NASA and other governmental agencies have been hiding the possible fact that life does exist on other planets.
It is quite interesting that the Vatican makes an announcement that life on other planets is OK. It almost seems as if the Vatican has been debriefed and already knows the outcome. The main question on our minds is: "Is The Vatican Trying To Prepare Us For The Truth?" (external - login to view)
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i did say why i thought that this was the case

this was my reply

That doesn't make any sense.

So what if we ally with bad aliens, we ally with Saudi Arabia and Communist China vs the Soviets.

So again, allying with bad people isn't a reason to hide aliens, it just means you can scaremonger about the aliens your at war with and get more power.
Ha Ha Ha very funny. Quandary 121.
I believe the Vatican is trying to tell us subtley that God was actually an alien being and we are all descendents of an alien seeding program.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZzarchovView Post

That doesn't make any sense.

So what if we ally with bad aliens, we ally with Saudi Arabia and Communist China vs the Soviets.

So again, allying with bad people isn't a reason to hide aliens, it just means you can scaremonger about the aliens your at war with and get more power.


From MUFONET-BBS network - Mutual UFO Network, written by David House:
Alien Descriptions - Varieties
DISCLAIMER: I make no claims for the accuracy of this list and express no personal opinion on the matter. It was given to me as "accurate information" and I just wanted to pass it along to anyone who might find it interesting or otherwise useful. I'd appreciate any feedback you'd care to share with me if you wish to proceed in a civilized manner.
ALIEN TYPE 1: The Greys

Of this type there are several sub-types. All tend to appear greyish in color and for this reason are referred to as "greys."

This is the type most commonly referred to as the greys. Also known as Zeta Reticuli from the Zeta Reticulan star system (the Bernard star) neighboring the Orion area. They function in a mode that is apparently military in nature with a rigidly defined social structure that holds science and "conquering worlds" to be the prime movers. They are normally about 4.5 ft tall with large heads and black "wrap around" eyes. They have limited facial features, slit mouth and no nose to speak of. They have evolved beyond the need for reproductive systems or digestive systems and reproduce by cloning. Their genetics are partly based on insectoidal genetics.
Their science deals largely with the study of other life forms and genetic engineering. They have supposedly had a part to play in the alteration of human genetics over thousands of years. It seems that they may be trying to cross breed with humans in order to create a "mixture race" that would be better than either. (I've read that they are a dying species, that have cloned so much that now, with each successive cloning, the species grows weaker. They are trying to infuse new life into their species by creating the mixed breed.)
There seem to be two main social classes. One is the more hawkish and is more abrupt, crude and blunt. The more dove-like ones are more refined and capable of a more business-like behavior towards humans, and prefer to use more "diplomatic" behavior to gain control over human's. This type of Grey is what I believe is being referred to as the "Orange" class of Greys.
They seem to be emotionless (by human standards) and therefore are seen as cruel in their treatment of human beings. They are able to take human lives without any regard for that individual. They apparently can use certain substances of the human body for their sustenance and therefore appear to be carnivorous in regards to humans. (I also read that they extract fluid from some part of the human brain during intense emotional response [fear] and are able to use it like a recreational drug.)
It is my understanding that these greys are actually servants to a master race of reptilian-type aliens and are trying to prepare the earth for their arrival by gaining control over the earth through many means. They tend to enjoy the feeling of freedom they have on earth, away from their masters and would desire the help of humans in confrontations with the reptilians...which appears to be a consideration for the near future (mid 90's.)
These greys have their best known bases in New Mexico and Nevada but are also known to have bases in many countries of the world.
GREY TYPE B: Tall Greys from Orion.

Usually about 7 to 8 ft. tall (reports often exaggerate their height as being 9 to 12 ft.) with facial feature somewhat similar to grey type A with the exception of the large nose found on type B greys. These greys also have technologies that allow them to perform certain actions that appear "miraculous." These greys are less viscous towards humans than type A greys (but are still considered "hostile".) They tend to influence more through political controls and negotiated agreements with those in power. Their main bases seem to be in the Aleutian Islands.
These are the type seen not long ago in Eastern Russia.

These are the shortest of the greys and tend to be about 3.5 ft. tall. Their facial features are very similar to the Zeta Reticuli greys and are of the same "root race.". They are just as hostile to humans as the Zetas. They are from a star system near the shoulder of Orion called Bellatrax.

A genetics akin to reptiles, these are highly advanced entities but viewed as being of a negative, hostile or dangerous disposition since they regard humans as a totally inferior race. They would perceive us much the way we would perceive a herd of cattle. They are carnivorous in regard to humans. There is supposedly a "driven" planetoid or asteroid inhabited by 30 million of these lizard-folk that is to enter our solar system in the mid 90's if the present schedule is kept.
They consider earth to be their own ancient outpost and would expect to have complete control of the entire planet upon their return. Their own planet is becoming unable to adequately support life and they need somewhere else to live. These are the aliens who are served by the type A greys.


These are of a genetic base similar to humans of earth. They appear of "normal" height (5-6ft?) and tend to be fair-skinned with blonde hair. These entities have been abducted by the greys or are the offspring of abductees and have been trained by the greys as servants. These entities are totally subservient to the greys.

These are aliens of similar genetics to earth humans and also, it seems, of the humans that serve the greys. These are from the Pleiades and are also of the blonde, fair-skinned appearance. This type is of a genuine highly evolved, spiritual, benevolent variety and have a kinship toward humans and are the only aliens to be truly trusted by earth humans at this time. They had at one time offered to be of assistance to earth leaders in dealing with the alien situation here but were rebuffed and so have taken a kind of "hands off" approach for the time being. These aliens are supposedly the forefather race of humankind. These are apparently not on earth much at this time due to serious problems in the area of their home.

Very little is known about these. They are supposedly another of the highly evolved, spiritual type of great benevolence to earth humans. I understand that their appearance is similar to other human-type aliens. They are from Sirius and don't appear to be much involved with earth happenings at this time other than being concerned about the Grey scenario. They could desire to be of help to humans.
There are other known human type aliens of this "more highly spiritually evolved" nature that are apparently aware of the situation on earth and considering some possible course of action. These are from Arcturus and Vega.

The following article appeared in the summer 1993 edition (vol. 3 no. 2) issue of UFO Universe magazine.
[GROUP A] Non Earth-Born Humans

This GROUP consists of three peoples from three distinct colony zones, namely Sirius, Pleiades and Orion. Genetically, they are nearly identical to Earth-born humans with the following exceptions. Abductees refer to these beings as the talls. Males average up to approximately seven feet in height; females, six and a half feet. They are extremely fine featured, pale in complexion. Eyes are almond shaped, slightly slanted with a natural black liner, much like the renderings of ancient Egyptian royalty. There are three hair colors apparently related to colony origin: blonde (Pleiades), red (Orion), and black (Sirius). The insignia of these combined human races is a triangular arrangement of three spheres. This symbol has deep significance, and is found throughout Earth history. History records these beings as goddesses, gods, devas, etc. A subgroup of GROUP A females is in command of most Terran projects.
[GROUP B] Earth-Born Humans

These are Homo Sapiens whose origin is the planet Earth. They can be divided into two separate classes.
[Class A] (Ancient)

These humans were the companions and house servants of a GROUP A military mining and occupation force. When this force left the Earth sometime between 1,000 BC and 3,500 BC, it was decided to remove all humans that had been in close proximity with them. It was felt that leaving them would only further disrupt normal human development. Class A humans are on an equal level with GROUP A and cooperate fully in all Earth projects.
[Class M] (Modern)

These humans are working on the same cooperative level as Class A. They were taken from the Earth in modern times. During some abduction projects, twins (either identical or fraternal) are induced in a female subject. During the first trimester, one of the fetuses is removed. It is then grown to maturity by GROUP A. Abductees will meet their twins during some abductions. Very limited contact has been made by these humans.
[GROUP C] Genetically Modified Earth-Born Humans

These humans are comprised of two classes and should not be confused with GROUP D Greys.
[Class W] (Workers)

This class is the smallest in physical stature. They are described as approximately three and a half feet in height, large head and eyes, pale white in complexion. These workers were created by GROUP A through genetic modification of Earth human fetuses. Their function is to perform menial tasks requiring limited reasoning abilities. In mental capacity, they are equivalent to a five year-old child. They are incapable of violence and, in some cases, are kept as companions by GROUP A individuals.
[Class T] (Technicians)

These humans are basically the same as Class W. they are slightly larger, at approximately four and a half feet in height. Their complexion is tan or yellowish. Their reasoning and deductive abilities are higher. This allows them to perform more complex operations. They are often seen operating ship controls and in transport activities. Both Classes W and T are telepathically camouflaged to appear as Greys to abductees. This is done to conceal the true nature of GROUP C. It is felt that perception of GROUP A maintaining a human slave population would hinder future contact efforts. This point will undoubtedly be a source of much heated debate in the near future.
[GROUP D] Greys

Of the six groups discussed in this paper, the Greys appear to represent the only non-human contingent. The following data should be considered tentative at best. Height is approximately five and a half feet. The head is large; eyes large, black and very slanted. Skin color is dark grey and non-porous. All data so far indicates that they may be a cetacean-based life form. On Earth, this comprises the species of whales and dolphins. Descriptions of Greys' skin color and texture closely match that of dolphins. The stare and stun effects approximate that performed by dolphins on potential enemies, such as sharks and barracuda.
Human and dolphin fetuses are nearly identical, up to a certain development stage. Some say they share a common genetic ancestor. If so, then this makes the hybridization of humans and dolphins theoretically feasible.
(Note: For a more detailed look at this group, see The Dolphins of Heaven article.)
[GROUP E] Human/Grey Hybrids

One of the main ET projects, now in the completion stage, is the hybrid program. The goal of this project is to produce a being combining the best physical and mental qualities of both races. The following description is of a hybrid female, approximately fifteen years old. Height is five feet, three inches; skin color is pale white/grey. the head is slightly larger and rounder than normal. Hair is dark, high above the forehead, and worn in a very long ponytail. The face is very fine-featured, and attractive. Like all the beings discussed in this paper, her main method of communication is telepathic. This has allowed a deeper understanding of her intellectual and emotional make-up. They consider themselves human, not Grey, in almost all respects. They care about the Greys, as any child would a parent, but find them agonizingly boring. The desire for human contact is greater than all others. Their capacity for emotion is as great, if not greater than, humans. Any physical attribute more human than Grey is a great source of pride. Their intellectual capacity is well above human standards. It is very likely they will exceed the capabilities of both races.
[GROUP F] Sasquatch

These have been seen both near, and on-board, UFOs. Little is known about them. Some have speculated that they are the original pre-human species from which Homo Sapiens were derived. (external - login to view)
The Greys "agenda", if you will, is the hybridization of humans with the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities known as EBE's. These well-known "hybrids" have bred up to 15 generations, and to the untrained eye they are indistinguishable to us so-called Modern Humans. This scenario with the hybrids is presenting the intelligence community with a "huge headache". That specific information comes from a reliable National Security Agency source, since part of ETs agreement with the Pentagon was to keep track of these hybrids until they are fully integrated into our society. The ETs have NOT kept their part of this secret pact with the Global Corporate Elite faction who manages the alien-program. Thus, we really don't know how many hybrids are living in our society. Nor are we aware of how much they control the intel. agencies, but we must surely suspect that the infiltration is massive. One really needs to ask at this juncture if we humans were ever really "in control" of our own destiny! The voluminous amount of evidence suggests that we were not, but this vital information will never make the history books or the front pages of your locally Corporate-controlled press. I have spoken with certain military and aerospace insiders who regularly work with the "real" aliens, the ones that can perform mindscans and can transmit thought-projections into people's brains. There are many generations of the hybrids in these bases also. Apparently these hybrids will supercede the current crop of humans, present company included, I'm afraid to say.
This conundrum has the Pentagon, the NSC, NSA, NASA and the Security Council "bent out of shape," and I for one really can't blame them this time! Oh sure, the Global Corporate Elite have "screwed up (polluted) this majestic planet for the short-term gains of a few greed-heads" as proclaimed by the Over-Seers (external - login to view)

Quiet possibly the best shape shipping evidence on here in my opinion!!!!




who's to say that they arnt already among us and that there is no need for disclosure as the may have infiltrated us ,and hybrid aliens walk around all the time, no need to say we have contact, if they are able to camouflage themselves as us, is there...???
I have yet to see an interview with a downed alien.
I did, his name was Juan I think? Turns out he was smuggling drugs across the border.

Im sure for the Satanic Alien Hybrid Elite Government Ninja Robot Pirate Monkey Corps.
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I have yet to see an interview with a downed alien.

Dr.James R.Bartzen Phoenix Lights discloser (external - login to view)
Dear quandary121 (external - login to view),


July 26, 2008, Boulder, CO - At least two documents from a large trove of leaked UFO materials have appeared in original ink and paper with contents showing extensive official security concerns about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), according to Dr. Robert M. Wood speaking during and after the annual meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE).
"Forensic testing equivalent to what a judge could order in a court case indicates that these two documents have paper, ink, watermark, handwriting and other indications consistent with their claimed dates and contents," reported Dr. Wood. The tests were conducted by Speckin Forensic Labratories.
Wood, a retired aerospace physicist with 43 years as a research executive at McDonnell Douglas Corporation, joins acclaimed astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, physicist Dr. Peter Sturrock of Stanford University and other respected scientists who have called for serious public study of UFOs despite chronic official denials of their importance.
"We stand on the shoulders of earlier scientists with the courage and credentials to address this issue," noted Wood. "Men like the late NASA scientist Dr. Paul Hill, the late atmospheric physicist Dr. James McDonald, and the former Air Force consultant Dr. J. Allen Hynek who came to believe so-called Project Blue Book led the public astray."

Quote has been trimmed
received by me today
Pilot Reports/Sightings of UFO's:Black Box Evidence (Part 5)


This is a definite must see for any individual out in this very large World to view and ponder upon. It goes into great detail on Pilot sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects throughout our recorded history that we know of by Airliner, Air Force, and Military trained pilots who have witnessed these phenomenal anomalies in the night sky while they were in the air on flight missions or simply just flying from state to state. This set of videos has a very large amount of evidence that is proof that things that the mainstream public does not know about that are flying in the skies and also even trailing flights of civilians as well as Military pilots. Black Box recordings are played back and discussed by the many credential individuals who overview them and explain UFOs and their nature of flight. Astronaut recordings are also heard and analysed and I believe those are the most startling because they are reported by experts who know much about objects in the skies of our Earth as well as miscellaneous objects such as space junk, shooting stars, and mini-meteorites in the night sky and in the vast blackness yet star filled skies of Outer Space. Our so called World Leaders/Government officials try to cover these things up and they put a lot of work into hiding it away from the public's eyes. The TRUTH MUST come out and this program helps us "Truth Seekers and Spreaders" to step up so to speak on the ladder to the ultimate reality that these things are real.
UFO sightings bring town to a standstill

Last updated at 09:12 26 July 2007

A crowd of 100 stunned stargazers brought a town centre to a standstill when five mysterious UFOs were spotted hovering in the sky.
Drinkers spilled out of pubs, motorists stopped to gawp and camera phones were aimed upwards as the five orbs, in a seeming formation, hovered above Stratford-Upon-Avon for half an hour.
The unidentified flying objects lit up the otherwise clear night sky above Shakespeare's birthplace in Warwickshire on Saturday.
Read more...Although Air Traffic Control reported no unusual activity, some witnesses were convinced they were witnessing an extra-terrestrial spectacle.
Crowds gathered to gawp at the strange lights that hovered silently over Stratford for 30 minutes

The strange episode started just after 10.30pm, when the lights were seen hovering slowly over the town before three of them formed a triangular shape with one positioned just to the right.
A few minutes later a fifth came into view travelling towards the others at breakneck speed before slowing down and stopping a short distance away.
Sceptics dismissed the UFOs as nothing more than hot air balloons, fireworks or even lanterns which had broken loose from a local rugby club.
Others, however, claimed the speed and agility of the objects was unlike any known aircraft and said the odd movement, lack of noise and the length of time in the air discounted any man-made explanation.
Tom Hawkes, who captured these amazing images, spotted the lights during his girlfriend Kate Lyall's birthday at the One Elm pub.
He and the 15 other revellers were in the bar when they spotted some commotion outside.
Tom, 30, said: "We walked outside and there was at that time a growing crowd of about 60 people looking up at something in the sky.
"I saw this light appear, then three others. They came over our heads in formation but then manouvered into different positions.
"Three had formed a triangular shape and one was to the right. Then another one came hurtling towards the rest at what looked like a very fast speed. But as it neared them it suddenly slowed and stopped altogether.
"By this time more people had poured out onto the street. Two pubs had emptied, some people had come out of their houses and drivers slowed their cars.
Were flying saucers like this one hovering over Stratford under the cover of darkness?

"The objects were there for about half an hour. It was very eerie because they didn't make any sound and they stayed still before moving slowly beyond the horizon. There were no stars in the sky, just them.
"It was the most extraordinary thing I've ever seen and the way in which everyone gathered in the street to watch them reminded me of a scene from Independence Day."
The extraordinary scenes were also witnessed by some of the staff of the One Elm pub.
Chef Kern Griffiths, 26, said: "I saw five lights, we all thought they were hot air balloons at first because the glowing spheres looked like a burst of flames. But I couldn't see any outline of the balloon itself and they were travelling far too fast.
"Suddenly someone shouted 'look' and there were these bright dots fizzing across the sky.
"It was weird, they way they moved did look alien. Some people reckon they're fireworks but they were lit up in the sky for far too long, the local rugby club say they were lanterns that blew loose over the weekend but these objects were far too fast and too high up.
"They were unlike any aircraft I've seen. It's a mystery."
Hillary Potter from The British Earth Aerial Mystery Society (BEAMS) said they were being inundated with similar calls from across the country but said it was rare for such phenomena to be witnessed by so many people.
She said: "Such incidents have been on the increase recently. There are reports at the moment coming in from all over the country.
"We've had many reports of people seeing quite large unidentified objects in the skies. It's not going away, It seems these incidents are becoming more bold.
"People don't know what to do when they witness such sights and that's what we're here for. We take the reports very seriously."
A Mod Spokesman said: "The MoD does not have any expertise or role in respect of UFOs or flying saucer matters or to the question of the existence of extra terrestrial life forms, about which we remain totally open minded.
"I should add that to date the MoD knows of no evidence which substantiates the existence of these alleged phenomena. The MoD examines any reports of unidentified flying objects it receives solely to establish whether what was seen might have some defence significance.
"Namely whether there is any evidence that the UK air space might have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised foreign military activity.
"Unless there is evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom from an external military source, and to date no UFO report has revealed such evidence, we do not attempt to identify the precise nature of each sighting reported to us.
"We believe that rational explanations such as aircraft lights or natural phenomena could be found for them if resources were diverted for this purpose but its not the function of the MoD to provide this kind of aerial identification service."
Frankie Spray, from Wellesbourne Airfield, just outside Stratford, added: "The lights were nothing to do with us. None of our aircraft fly at night at this time of year.
"It's very bizarre but I've got no explanation as to what the lights were."
Birmingham Air Space which covers the skies over the town said they had not heard of any unusual activity showing up on the radar.
L Gilbert
Personally, I see no reason whatsoever that in the vastness of the universe, there isn't other forms of life besides what is on Earth. To think otherwise would be a bit arrogant, and somewhat statistically improbable.
I think why people would hide evidence of extraterrestrial life would be to not cause panic, to be able to study the creature without interference, to keep any technology secret, and reasons of that nature.
UFO sighting among few still unexplained Written by BERNICE TRICK
Citizen staff Tuesday, 05 August 2008

The Canadian UFO survey for 2007 shows an increase in the number of sightings of unidentified flying objects filed across the nation, but only a fraction were labeled as unexplainable following investigations.
One of the few that remains unidentified was a strange object over the Granisle, Houston, Telkwa and Hazelton area on Nov. 29.
Brian Vike, director of Houston UFO Research, who works with Ufology Research, received reports from "many different people who actually saw it."
He said the best description came from a rancher in Hazelton, who noticed a large bright yellow light over a distant foothill on his ranch from his picture window. He watched it for some time before it eventually moved closer and hovered near his ranch buildings. With his spotting scope he could discern it was shaped like a cigar. He also saw six other red and green objects much higher above it and in a straight line across the night sky.
The object remained there until dawn started to break and then rose straight upwards until he could no longer view it.
"As for the line of coloured objects, they seemed to disappear with the daylight, that was it ... an amazing UFO event," said Vike.
During the same time witnesses in Granisle reported blue flashes lighting up large areas, streaks of white shooting from the sky downward to the Earth and bright orange lights that spread out horizontally for a great distance, but did not flash.
Others reported an unusual luminous and dome-shaped cloud hovering over an old Granisle mine coupled with a long, thin horizontally-moving light that appeared to be a craft with a pattern of bright, dim, bright, dim lights along its entire length. Witnesses said it hovered above the strange cloud for 15 minutes before disappearing.
Vike made inquiries as to the possibility of emergency or police vehicles or highway equipment being out that night to account for the lights, but to no avail. Vike said he "hasn't a clue what the object was that so many people saw in that area."
Last year researchers examined 836 UFO sightings from across the country, an increase of about 12 per cent over 2006. Reports came from a range of witnesses from government, military and police agencies to civilian UFO groups and online sites.
Only 16 per cent were labeled as unexplained and only one per cent were labeled as "high quality unknowns" that were both unexplained and had above-average levels of investigation and documentation.
The Granisle area sighting was among the one per cent along with sightings on March 3 in Hammonds Plains, N.S. (large, structured craft with lights moving ponderously across the sky) and on Dec. 26 in North Tyron, PEI (small shiny object flying in corkscrew manner leaving behind a strange smoke trail).
Ufology research shows most UFO sightings have at least two witnesses, most UFOs are white in colour and the typical sighting in 2007 lasted an average of 17 minutes. Reports of saucer-shaped craft are rare compared to triangles and spheres, said Chris Rutkowski, leading Ufology researcher.
Reports of unusual sightings in the sky continue to come in by "witnesses who are pilots, police and other individuals with reasonable good observing capabilities and good judgment," Rutkowski said in the report.
He also notes that "contrary to popular opinion, there is no evidence that some UFO cases involve extraterrestrial contact." (external - login to view)
UFO paintings, 200 years ago Japan
paintings, 200 years ago ...




Huge rise in British UFO sightings

By Gary Cleland
Last Updated: 8:18PM BST 18 Apr 2008

The number of UFO sightings reported to the MoD is up from 97 to 135

Clusters of up to 100 mysterious objects, bright white lights and strange, triangular shaped objects are just some of a huge surge in UFO sightings reported to the Ministry of Defence last year.
The ministry has opened up its own "X-Files" for 2007, revealing 135 UFO sightings from across the UK.
If aliens are choosing the UK as a holiday destination, it appears it is becoming more popular, as the number if sightings has shot up since 97 were reported in 2006.
Last year the MoD released details of UFO sightings for the first time, including an archive back to 1998. Previously, details of classified reports were kept secret for 30 years. Discs, formations, white or orange lights, triangular shaped craft and pipe-like objects were all spotted buzzing around the sky in 2007.
In Duxford, Cambridgeshire on April 12, a witness reported seeing fifty objects, each with an orange light, assembling in the sky before ascending.
Two pilots in different planes above Alderney in the Channel Islands reported the same UFOs on April 23. They saw one bright orange craft, then a gap, followed by an identical object.
In Portsmouth, Hants, in October, a witness watched as "an oval/spherical shaped object approached an aircraft, and appeared to accelerate very fast, and then wobbled from side to side.
"Another object appeared in roughly the same vicinity and then stayed stationary."
In the West Midlands in December, one witness got a shock when a UFO shone a light into her window. The MoD logged: "A giant craft shone a light into the witness's back window. It shot off fast at first to the North East and then started to move at a slow pace."
Another report noted a "an exceedingly bright light, which was stationary, but sometimes flew off" over the Wiltshire skies.
Hilary Porter, from the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS) said sightings were becoming increasingly common. She said: "There has been a huge influx of UFOs. Absolutely enormous. There has been these huge formations than have been coming.
"We have had so many calls from people that have seen these huge formations. We have had call after call after call, from business people right down to ordinary folk in their cars. “There have been some very close encounters that have been quite unnerving for the people involved. We have had other people reporting orb sightings."
Others maintain that the vast majority of the sightings can be explained. Many are helicopters or other human designed craft like weather balloons and satellites, while others are optical illusions or unusual cloud formations. The MoD made the decision to release the files after a Freedom of Information request.
A spokeswoman said the ministry does not investigate each and every report. "We only investigate if there have been any objects in British air space that may be military," she said.
"Unless there's evidence of a potential threat we don’t investigate to try to identify it." (external - login to view)


John Lear's Disclosure Briefing
As presented on the 11/2/03 show:Art Bell: Let's say the government chose me. They were going to use me as an outlet to release this information. Let's just say they did that and they took me to a briefing. Then what John?
John Lear: They whisk you to Washington, DC, you get limo-ed to this building, beautiful building, you go up into this room. They say, 'Art, you're the guy and if you give us the go ahead, we are gonna release everything we know to the public. If you decide to go ahead, all major networks will be provided with information on all aspects of the cover up and no type of information will be withheld. Because of the deal for immunity for all participants of the cover up provides that nothing, no artifacts, no piece of information be withheld.'
So here's what happened, Art. We'll use some videos and stills. Our first UFO recoveries were in the late '30s. We made a couple in the beginning of the '40s and then came Roswell, which the public found out about. We got 2 live aliens from Roswell. One died shortly there after and one lived till 1956. And we found out so far there are 18 different alien species that we know about monitoring Earth. Some are good and some are hostile, most are indifferent. We found out that we are the experimental product, if you will, of an alien race who we never met and we don't know who they are. All we know is that the Greys are cybernetic organisms, glorified robots if you will, who work here at the behest of their employers monitoring us through abductions. We were never able to find out what the experiment is all about except that we have been externally corrected about 65 times. And they, the aliens, refer to us as "Containers." There's been speculation that the souls our bodies contain is the reason for the experiments. But nothing's been proven or determined.
Since 1938 we've lost over 200 aircraft due to UFO hostilities and thousands of soldiers in all kinds of different actions with aliens. Since that time several hundred thousand civilians have disappeared with no trace. Several thousand of those were eliminated by us because of their chance encounters with the aliens which we could ill afford to have publicized.
A slightly more frightening phenomena known as "human mutilations" have occurred on a regular basis and are similar to "cattle mutilations". In that the human or humans are taken from the street, so to speak, and returned to the same area about 45 minutes to an hour later with their rectums cored out, their genitals removed, eyes removed from their sockets, and completely drained of blood. In all cases it appeared that the mutilation procedures occurred while the persons were still alive and conscious. One of our scientists speculates that apparently the human specimens had to be alive for the samples to be worth anything. Abductions occur on a daily basis throughout the United States to at least 10% of the population.
When we were first made aware this we protested to the little grey being we had held in captivity at the YY-2 facility in Los Alamos, but a deal was struck that in exchange for advanced technology from the aliens we would allow them to abduct a very small number of persons and we would periodically be given a list of those persons abducted. We got something less than the technology we bargained for and found the abductions exceeded by a million fold than what we had naively agreed to.
In 1954, President Eisenhower met with a representative of another alien species at Muroc Test Center, which is now called Edwards Airforce Base. This alien suggested that they could help us get rid of the Greys but Eisenhower turned down their offer because they offered no technology.
At this point it became apparent to all involved that there was no such thing as a God, at least how the public perceives God. Certainly some form of computer recorder stores information and an occasional miracle is displayed by the aliens to influence a religious event. This so unnerved Eisenhower that he had "In God We Trust" put on paper money and coins and put in the Pledge of Allegiance to reaffirm the public belief in God. Shortly after this it was determined in meetings between the US and the Russians that the situation was serious enough that a cold war should be manufactured as a ruse to divert attention of the public away from UFOs towards some other scary threat like the H-bomb. It was also decided to keep the ruse secret from any elected or appointed officials within both the US and Russian governments as it took so long to vet these officials and the ruse was easier to manage if the top people didn't know about it.
In the late 1950's NASA was formed to compartmentalize, containerize, and sanitize information from all space platforms and vehicles. We sold NASA to the public claiming that all information would belong to them but they got very little and even that was highly sanitized.
Our first efforts were to keep the public from learning about Venus. A very similar planet to Earth and it's population is very similar to us just technologically advanced. We have learned a lot from them starting with the Russian Venera 1 and US Mariner 2, we made Venus look like a lead melting, volcanic surface, spewing sulfuric acid into a pressurized atmosphere 90 times that of Earth. And as often the case we over did it and we wondered why nobody asked how a parachute survived a descent into 800-degree air. We set up operations in Pine Gap, Australia to preclude any prying eyes figuring out what we were up to. We regularly eliminated through extreme prejudice anybody who was part of the operation and made the least little tiny threat about disclosure or dissatisfaction with the operation. Any space mission that included Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Mariner, Voyager, Clementine, and all the rest. All data initially came transmitted to Pine Gap then it was relayed to JPL or wherever after sanitizing. We had a little trouble with amateur radio operators but we figured out how they could intercept these signals but we managed to deal with that.
When the Russian threat began to fade we introduced Vietnam which kept the public occupied for over ten years. The cover up and personnel to run the operation began to get bigger and bigger and required more and more money. We were forced to inflate the defense budget, which soon not enough. Then we got into the drug business which was still not enough. We were the ones that looted the savings and loan industry and Wall Street to boot. It is so out of control now most people want immunity and want out. But there is so much secrecy and so many double and triple blinds in place that it's unlikely that this thing can ever be dismantled. And even if you give us the go ahead to spill the beans to the public it's unlikely they will get anything more than "yes, we recovered a flying saucer and yes, there was an occupant" but that's all we're gonna tell ya.
So go ahead and roll the tape for Mr. Bell. What you see here are what human mutilations look like. That one was a male about 27 years old. That one is film of dead aliens being pulled from the wreckage of a craft that crashed in Olancha, California in the '50s. That craft you see over there was over 250ft. in diameter and had to be buried on the spot. That site is in Utah near Dugway Proving Grounds. The object you're looking at now is the as the Kecksburg Acorn which was brought to Wright Patt in the middle '60s. There's Frank Drake trying to force information out of a being tied down to a stretcher. He was supposedly from Tao Ceti.
These pictures you're looking at now are structures on the Moon. That's the tower in Sinus Medii and it's over seven miles tall. And that thing over there is what we call the Colossus of Oguram(sp) in Mare Crisium. We don't know what it does but the machine itself is bigger than Brooklyn, New York. Now those are videos of the domes covering the craters. As you can see, some are in a very advanced state of decay.
These are 5 second slides of the 18 different alien species we are looking at. That one there is the most gruesome looking. The guards at one facility are carefully indoctrinated over several months being shown pictures similar to but not exactly like the alien. Only when he'd been acclimatized, so to speak, of the horrible looking beings are they allowed to stand in security positions. Before these acclimatizations were done, we had two guards die of a heart attack as the aliens came down the hallway unexpectedly.
And this last clip is of the Kennedy assassination. You've heard of the second gunman theory? Well, this is the second camera that recorded exactly what happened and we had 4 gunmen. And the bottom line was that Kennedy had to go. He insisted on releasing what little alien information we had told him about and he was trying to withdraw troops from Vietnam which we were using as a diversion for the public. After Kennedy we never told any President anything. Nixon knew because he was briefed as VP in 1952. That's how we knew where to take Jackie Gleason to Homestead Air Force Base to see the alien bodies we had in storage there.
And that's about it. What say you Art Bell? Do we brief the public? Yay or nay?"
--Special thanks to "Spaceprophet" of Fantastic Forum who provided this transcription.
Here are the web links that John Lear provided in support of his data:
* Project Grudge/Bluebook 13
* (external - login to view)
The first thing thats wrong is that the debate on the video is limited to those who agree with the video, as the poster (im guessing you) on youtube made it clear, you can only speak if you agree with me.

Beyond that, why bother? You don't listen to people unless they are "qualified" which in your mind is no one, but what qualifications do you hold to speak on the matter?
Quote: Originally Posted by ZzarchovView Post

The first thing thats wrong is that the debate on the video is limited to those who agree with the video, as the poster (im guessing you) on youtube made it clear, you can only speak if you agree with me.

Beyond that, why bother? You don't listen to people unless they are "qualified" which in your mind is no one, but what qualifications do you hold to speak on the matter?

No your wrong Zzarchov ,what is written their is what the maker of the video wrote, as a linking commentary to the video ,it has nothing to do with me or my views, go look for your self,i do have a youtube channel this is not it,i can give you my channel details if you would like it im not bothered. (external - login to view)
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No, thats about it there, you can only speak if you agree. Thats all.
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da5younggunna (external - login to view) (1 week ago) ShowHide
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alright the comments are now on approve only so if you haters have some thing so say no one will see it LOL!

No, that's about it there, you can only speak if you agree. That's all.

Yea a lot of users who promote their own videos ,get lots of negativity back,and as these are the only comments they take to heart,in the end they think everyone's against them, and protest in all there subsequent videos, and end up like this user has ,and only allow comments when approved ,leading to a total bias view in the comments ,not allowing the comments from other users who think its crap ...!!!

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But the same could i suppose said of me because my profile says something similar ,but i do not ,disallow peoples comments, they maybe differ from others, or not agree with them ,but there you go we all got one (opinion) so that's his.

IF you wish to know me who i am. and not to second guess who you think i am .we will get on fine because if you do,? this is your mistake. As you do not know me, or my beliefs, or anything about me, only your preconceived ideas, and this makes you like this next comment.!!
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also do a google search with this in the search box who is Fritz Springmeier.

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IF you wish to know me who i am. and not to second guess who you think i am .we will get on fine because if you do,? this is your mistake. As you do not know me, or my beliefs, or anything about me, only your preconceived ideas, and this makes you like this next comment.!!
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