How many languages do you speak?

Canadian with a hyphen
"Sky-high IQ isn't a prerequisite for multilingulalism"


I write and speak fluently French, English, Lebanese and Arabic.
I understand Spanish and Italian

"English is spoken by 1 Billion speakers
Mandarin in spoken by 1 Billion
Spanish is spoken by 450 Million
Arabic is spoken by 250 Million
French is spoken by 125 Million"
two many.
I speak 3. English, French and German. I can read and understand some Afrikaans, Dutch and Danish, though.
English and French fluently. I can get by with a little Czech.

I didn't know Lebanese was a language. Learn something new everyday...
I can speak English, French, some Italian, would like to learn Finnish and can count in English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and Japanese.
I speak fluent English (although some would disagree lol), Spanish and some French.....I'd like to learn more portuguese....perhaps Arabic
English, and at one time, German, a bit of French, and a bit of Italian. I spent three and a half years in Europe(mostly Germany)when I was in the airforce. We used to deploy to Sardinia twice a year for three weeks so I picked up a bit of Italian. I had French in high school for four years but I think I learned more French from a French girl in six months than the four years in school. I have forgotten a lot of German vocabulary but last year a German tourist asked me a question in German and I was able to give him directions fairly easily. Surprised me, I hadn't spoken German in over thirty years.
Canadian with a hyphen
Quote: Originally Posted by tracy

English and French fluently. I can get by with a little Czech.

I didn't know Lebanese was a language. Learn something new everyday...

Tracy, I think it is ... arabic is the written language ... lebanese is spoken and can be written too but if u speak lebanese u might be able to understand arabic but you can't write it unless u attend school for arabic lessons...
2 English and American Sign Language. I can understand and write english and only understand sign language because you can't really write it.
that's a lot.
English, French and am Learning Swedish, and Arabic.
Canadian with a hyphen
Quote: Originally Posted by Jersay

English, French and am Learning Swedish, and Arabic.

Jersay ... If u need help with ur arabic let me know and I mean it
Thanks. I might take you up on your offer.
English and French perfectly. Trying to learn a bit of Japanese.
dekhqonbacha, you need to work on your accent.
I speak English (fluently), French (quite well), a TINY bit of German, some Swiss German and a miniscule amount of Hungarian. And I can count to 10 in Italian
I got you beat Princess. I can count to twenty in Italian, and say birra?
WELL Juan, if you wanna play it like that......I can say PIZZA, BELLA, GRAZIE, CIAO, GELATO and SPAGGETTI so I think I win

AND, I know a dirty joke in Italian too
I know all those words,

but alas, I don't know any jokes in Italian.....
Canadian with a hyphen
Emil Krebs, an interpreter who understood 100 languages and learned armenian in 9 weeks.
Carlos Do Amaral Friere is a Brazilian linguist: He can easily translate 60 languages .
Do these people have unusual brain wiring?
in 2003 German neuroscientists examined the postmortem brain of Emil krebs and found that the area of his brain that governed speech didn't have the same asymmetry as monolingual speakers.

Interesting !! ha?

I think life circumstances is a reason for someone to or not to learn languages.

hey glossprincess you can add carina (pretty girl) and Carino (handsome guy)to ur italian list of words
Quote: Originally Posted by Canadian with a hyphen


1 very badly.
I speak English, French and a liiiitle bit of Spanish. And Russian, of course
English (of course)
French I can read and communicate ok in.
Spainish I used to be better with but I can still pick up some things here and there.
Italian because of my French and Spainish I pick up on some of the Latin between them.

Thats really about it. I am trying to learn a very little German.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuzzylogix

dekhqonbacha, you need to work on your accent.

how do you say "how are you" in Japanese?
English, French and Esperanto fluently.

Studying Chinese, Arabic and Persian (though I can get by in basic Chinese and my chinese is MUCH better than my Arabic and Persian; too busy two study the last two lately, but will get onto it as soon as I have more free time).

Interesting, I noticed Arabic showed up quite a few times. What's causing all the interest?
0 too bad 10 very good

languages ....... English French Russian Tajik Uzbek others
speaking ...........4........ 4....... 4....... 8...... 6 ......0
understanding ....4........ 4....... 5....... 8...... 7 ......2
writing .............5........ 4........ 4...... 6...... 6 ......2
reading .............6........ 5....... 5...... 10..... 9 ......2

basicly, I'm not perfect in any languages, even though I master 5 of them and some others.
As your new fascist leader of Canada, I would seek to abolish French as a national language. It is too divisive and a completely irrelevant language. As one may have seen posted here, very few people speak it hence it would not do well in the current World Order. As your leader, I would demand that only English be spoken. No exceptions. All French schools would be reopened as English-only schools under my rule.
It would be quite a cumbersome task to acquire a majority government, FascistCanuck, if one would discount each of the seventy-five seats in the House of Commons for the Province of Québec. Je suggerais que beacoup de personnes sur Canadian Content peuvent parler en français (au moins, assez pour avoir une conversation); c'est, après tous, une langue du Canada.
On the topic of languages:
  • I can speak English;
  • Je peux parler en français (plus ou moins), eh;
  • 私は日本語をべあんきょうします。(watashi wa nihon-go wo benkyou shimasu)

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