How many languages do you speak?

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It would be quite a cumbersome task to acquire a majority government, FascistCanuck, if one would discount each of the seventy-five seats in the House of Commons for the Province of Québec. Je suggerais que beacoup de personnes sur Canadian Content peuvent parler en français (au moins, assez pour avoir une conversation); c'est, après tous, une langue du Canada.

I am fully aware of the role Quebec must play in my rise to power but trust me, I have that planned out. I never forget Quebec in my plans. Just remember, if ever I gain power in Canada, Quebec will cease to exist as an entity.
As an entity? What do you mean, FascistCanuck?

Are you advocating the destruction of Québec?
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As your new fascist leader of Canada, I would seek to abolish French as a national language. It is too divisive and a completely irrelevant language. As one may have seen posted here, very few people speak it hence it would not do well in the current World Order. As your leader, I would demand that only English be spoken. No exceptions. All French schools would be reopened as English-only schools under my rule.

How the h**l are you? "As your leader,", are you talking about your dreams? You know there is diffirence between the dream and reality these days?
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dekhqonbacha, you need to work on your accent.

how do you say "how are you" in Japanese?

"Doomo" ,I got it from googel
I believe "konichua" is "how are you".
once, I had to learn Japanese.
Now, it's completely forgetten. Sometimes some words pop up in my mind. I gotta go back to school to practice it.
English and Spanish. Actually, I speak Brooklynese and Spanglish.
French and English and some kinda gibberish when I have a few too many Crown Royals.
English, French Spanish fluently read spoken and written. Some Japanese, studied it for a year at school, a few words of German, and a few words of whatever Inuit dialect Jo rants off in
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I speak English (fluently), French (quite well), a TINY bit of German, some Swiss German and a miniscule amount of Hungarian. And I can count to 10 in Italian

Achjö, kahnsst dü schwiezertüütch verstorn? Dah späeter koönten wir üf de echt geil tütche spraache rede.

Full stop.
Juan wrote " so I picked up a bit of Italian."

I bet you did, you devil you.

I can only speak English. I kinda massacre the language when I attempt it. Read it fairly well. Not bad for grade 6. Or was I 6 when I started school. I forget.

Pretty well travelled though. Hell, last week we took a trip to Seely's Bay. (about 70K) Took about 2 days. Coulda done it sooner, but the horse went lame. Rough camping this time of year. Skeeters were bad.

Ah well.........

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