Girl pregnant....aged 11.

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Yes, I think that people should make the decisions regarding their own bodies, but allowing teenagers to get pregnant is decreasing Canada's quality of life.

That kid is going to live a life in poverty. So is the mother.

But like I said before. Who am I? I don't know anything.

I'm poorer now than I used to be. Much poorer in fact. I used to be an interpreter in Canada. Came to China for a year, fell in love with it, along with the pollution, noise, smelly tofu, cigarette smoke, crowded trains, etc. etc. etc. and would simply not have it any otehr way. I could never go back to Canada long term because that is no longer where my heart is. If my heart sat in a calculator, for sure I'd go back to canada, because from a strictly materialistic standpoint, it would be mathematiclly. But there is much more to life. Much more. That child could bring this girl a joy no money could ever buy. And again, consider possible life-long emotional scars which can be caused by forced abortion.
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Quote: Originally Posted by JonB2004

But like I said before. Who am I? I don't know anything.

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WTF is this?

I was just saying that you adults always think you know better.

First off, who are you calling an adult? I have maybe three years on you. Quit calling me old.

Second, this is a discussion, people are going to disagree with you. Get over it.

I wanted to offer a comparison that I thought of. I see it the same as forcing low income Canadians to have abortions because their kids would have lower quality of life than the kids born to wealthy Canadians.
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I believe that anyone under 18 who gets pregnant should be forced to have an abortion.

Dude, that's sick.
she is a child somehow.
she has an experience with her yongest brothers, but being a mom must be different because she will be responsible all the time.
I've worked as an aupair (live-in nanny) when I was 17/18 and people that age just arent meant to take care of children, especially babies. They're only children themselves! Its just too much work and you're still too selfish at that age to be a parent.
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Hey Tracy, how old was your mom?

Actually, ya, it's more his fault than hers.

How is it? How do you know that she wasn't forcing HIM to have sex with HER?

For all we know, she probably went to him, acted in a "sexy" way, and then told him to take his clothes off and f**k her.

If I was Prime Minister, I'd make sure she gets into trouble, too. Not only was he breaking the law for having sex under the age of 16, but so was she, as she was 11.

I'd lock them BOTH up and make the girl's mother look after the kid. The girl's mother who said she was PROUD of what she did.
It reminds me of that BBC comedy series, Little Britain. It has two main actors in it - both gay men, David Walliams and Matt Lucas - but they both play hundreds of different characters, both male and female. They can both do lots of different British accents. The characters they play are the kind of people you find in real life in modern Britain.

My favourite character is schoolgirl Vicky Pollard, one of the characters played Matt Lucas. She's the typical modern British schoolgirl - not very intelligent, smokes and drinks a lot, has no respect for authority, is as ugly as a bulldog chewing a wasp - and has hundreds of babies.

Teenage mother Vicky Pollard with her many babies.

Schoolgirl Vicky Pollard (Matt Lucas)

Vicky with her boyfriend and her friends.

Apparently, Matt Lucas based Vicky Pollard on a real schoolgirl that he saw on the front cover of a magazine.

My favourite Vicky Pollard sketch -

(Teenage mother Vicky is talking to her social worker)

Social worker - "Vicky, can I see your baby, please?"

Vicky - "You can't. I don't have her anymore."

Social worker - "What do you mean?"

Vicky - "I swapped her for a Westlife CD."

Social worker - "Vicky, that's awful! How can you do such a thing?"

Vicky - "I know. They are rubbish!"

The social worker worker just looks at her, horrified.

Some more Vicky Pollard quotes -

Vicky Pollard: Anyway don't listen to her coz everyone knows her fanny goes sideways.

Teacher: [Teenage mum Vicky has walked out of the class after giving them a talk on teenage pregnancy and and left the pram with her baby in behind] Vicky aren't you going to take your baby?

Vicky Pollard: No don't worry I've got loads at home.

Vicky Pollard: What did you do that for, you total virgin!

Vicky Pollard: Stop giving me evils!
Vicky Pollard: She's got her own council flat and three kids and she's only nine.
Bus Conductor: Look, I've warned you before. If you don't have a ticket you're gonna have to get off.

Vicky Pollard: Oh, my God! That is so unfair! This is like, well sexual harassment! If you like, fancy me why don't you just say so? God, this is exactly like the time Miss Rennig, who everyone knows is a total lesbian, made Candice Burton stay behind after PE, started telling her off for gobbing on Sunita Geschwani's hair. But everyone knows she only made her stay late because she wanted to get off with her, cuz when she was telling her off her legs were wide open and Candice reckons she could see her spider.

Vicky Pollard: No, but yeah, but no, because if you don't let me in then Blazin' Squad are well gonna give you beatings because I've actually already met them already anyway, actually, down at the Radio 1 Roadshow at Weston Super-Mare!
[to friend]

Vicky Pollard: You remember, it was the time I got fingered by Chris Mars and Hayley Evers reckons she saw Joe Wylans taking a dump in the sea.
[to bouncer]

Vicky Pollard: But, anyway I have met Blazin' Squad and they said I should definitely come backstage and see 'em and do 'em, and anyway I do know them already because I'm their assistant. And if Rowan Gordon says I'm not then don't listen to him because everyone knows he's mental because he once shoved his knob through Miss Mayal's letterbox.

Police Officer: You do know it's an offence to waste police time?

Vicky Pollard: No, but, yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but, no, but, yeah but I know because I'm not wasting police time because you know Micha? Well, she saw the whole thing, right, because she was bunking off school because she was gonna go down the wimbley and get off with Luke Griffiths, only she never because he's been trying to grow a moustache but it just looks like pubes, so she got off with Luke Torbet instead, only don't tell Bethany that because she's fancied Luke Torbet ever since she flashed her fanny at him during Home Ec'.

That 12 year old girl will be a dead ringer for the obnoxious Vicky Pollard.
Wonder when the Americans will try to adapt this show for their own audiences? When they do, it'll be an utter failure because it just doesn't translate! I love this show , and Shameless,too.

The girl, who smokes despite being heavily pregnant, said: "I didn't think I'd get pregnant because it was my first time. But I'm really excited and looking forward to being a mum."

Wow... maybe this brings out the conservative side in me, but anyone else just thinks this is completely wrong.

Anyhow my (birth) mother was barely 18 when I was born, she would have been preggers when she was 17 I believe and actually gave birth to me a day after her 18th birthday. (not making this up). My birth mothers birthday is Jan 10th and mine is Jan the 11th.

Anyhow I can't believe 11 years olds are running around having sex in western nations. I remember when I was 11, I can't imagine having the want, nor maturity to handle anything like this. Also she is not mature enough at 11 to have a child.

Just odd
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I believe that anyone under 18 who gets pregnant should be forced to have an abortion.

You're fanning some serious flames here. I had my son at 17...are you telling me that he should have been killed? Despite the fact that I maintained a home and worked my way through University with him and provided him a stable home and was able to be there with him every evening? I lived on my own and took care of business.

Look Jon, the problem with blanket statements is that there are exceptions to every rule. You should really refrain from doing that. I don't want to get into a pissing match with you, but will have my articulate almost 10 year old son give you **** for that statement if I need to
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Little Running Gag, I can't see why you would be angry about what I said.

Anyone under 18 who gets pregnant should be forced to have an abortion because having a baby pretty much ruins their life.

They can't have a proper education because they have to take care of the baby. Then, they will never have a good life because they will spend the rest of their life working some minimum wage convienence store job because they have no education.

But who am I? I'm just some dumbass teenager who doesn't know what he's talking about and you adults know everything.

Once again, I have my first degree and am working on my second...I don't have a minimum wage job at the moment, Im a mid level supervisor at a call center while we prepare to get up and move to a province with a law school. Investigate some precedents wouldya?

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