What Will Happen When Peapod Takes Over The World

Rick van Opbergen
Since I'm back I have been ... fascinated :P by Peapod's signature. What is she trying to say here? Is she really planning to take over the world with Sparky?!

If so, I was thinking, what would the world be like? Your imput please.
i have nightmares along this theme
ya well big deal fubbleskag :P

Ricky your thread is well ehm...pissing me off I have no desire to control the world, it sucks, and I prefer to smell the flowers. Now you keep this kind of stuff up, and soon they will want to lynch me. :P I told you ricky, I watched what went on the playground. I am changing my signature...and I longer will be giving you any bananas...victorious well thats a different matter. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, didn't mean to piss you off Big P. (please, spare me! :P) ... but ehm with your avatar and I ... I just had to know!
whoo hoo ricky, this is galianomama.........i am here to save pea pod from taking over the world, or as best as i can.. you know what that would be like. anyways, right now i think pea pod is having a bath (???) god only knows what goes on behind closed doors, all i can hear is splashing, diving (!) and (?) playing with her 'rubby duckies' that are lined up along the edge of the 'pond'.

i think that is a bath but now i am not sure.

whoops, here she comes, oh my god, she has flippers on!!!

we are suppose to be going out to get plants, and i will sign her off now.

Rick van Opbergen
for some kind of reason I hear the next sentence in my head: "heeeeeere's PEAPOD" .... are you OK galianomama? :P
Oh she is just fine ricky, she and her cape have flew off home. But good thing I read this thread cause guess what???? One of my is missing. The small one with black horns...now I know exactly where he is
Reverend Blair
You have rubber duckies, Peapod? Hmmm...maybe you should take over the world.
I buy soap rev, the kind made by people, hand made :P One in particular that is my favorite it sells in big square chunks, gylcerin soap, looks like a chunk of glass. There is always a rubbery duckie in the middle of the soap, you can see it, but you don't get to play with it until the soap is gone.

I never buy soap at the store...what a world the soap world is :P It is a really big thing here. All over are little cottage industries making soap. There are small stores with vats of yummy looking stuff. The soaps are like big loaves of bread and they wack off how much you want. Some of it I tell you, the desire to bite into the soap is powerful. :P and the smells Another favorite is one that is gylcerin, the color is aquamarine and its clear, and has paper thin slices of dried pears in it. This one is something else, I keep a small chunk in my pocket, everytime I take it out and smell it I just feel good. :P And you rev, whats your take on soap
Hard-Luck Henry
Yes, go on peapod :P . And then put one of your duckies in charge of The World Bank. (I suddenly feel so much more optimistic about the future of humanity )

Speaking of the soap world - I live just down the road from Port Sunlight. They don't make soap there any longer, but when they did you could smell the factory for miles - not as pleasant as you might think, as there was some pretty noxious crap being pumped out of that place, and into the Mersey.
Ah...but the soapmaking around here henry is mom and pop. Its all yummy and delicious. You can just about put anything in soap. Besides henry...islanders don't like factory type smells, they cause lots of trouble when somebody tries to do that :P
Rick van Opbergen
I see ... another Orang Utan? *Victorius goes crazy*

Another favorite is one that is gylcerin, the color is aquamarine and its clear, and has paper thin slices of dried pears in it. This one is something else, I keep a small chunk in my pocket, everytime I take it out and smell it I just feel good. Razz

ahh yes, our smelling trips. sniff and whiff. we do it usually on the weekends, when we hit all the small stores downtown. my mom is the best for saving her soap - 'a tip and tale' she calls it. i will leave that one to your imagination.

by the way pea, that new avatar - isn't that the same one your mom has on her mantle from when you were about 6 months???

anyways, back to the soap, yeah, we like our cleanliness here. after all, god gets next to you that way, right?


my mom is the best for saving her soap - 'a tip and tale' she calls it.

ack, i just read this...........should be a 'tip and a tail'. i think ha ha, it sounds good either way, and that way, your imagination gets stretched to the absolute max.
ahhhh the old wif and sniff outings...who can resist. :P Chunky, funky blocks of glycerin soap. With names like lemon licorice lick me, Ooh la la, the dirty gardener ( made with coffee grounds and orange peel, smells so good, you want to get dirty :P. Deep penguins, (deep blue with chunks of ice under a white snowy cap :P ) mmmmm gingersnap..smells scrumptous, desperately want to bite it :P ) Funky monkey, and of course one of the best...midnight moon, oh boy that one is soooooooooo good. Smells like exotic woods and patchouli oil. And course you need a big chuck of "lcthus" vegetable soap for cleaning up after fishing. :P
Soaps made with olive oil, coconut oil, goats milk,pure essential oils. Soaps with botanical ingredients, flowers and leaves and herbs. You can get anything from lavender to tea tree oil, to crushed seaweed, minerals, clays, you name it you can put it in soap. You can get handmade soap that smells like the beach or choclate..

Hand made, hand cut, and hand wrapped...Soap making is a art form....and it smells good to.

*takes small chuck of midnight moon out of pocket, takes a wiff.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*

after all, god gets next to you that way, right?

Sometimes little things make me want to laugh till I cry. The above sent me off in peels of laughter. I don't know why.
ahhhhhhh twila you should see how she cracks you up in real life :P
hey - too much info. i always clean the 'cracks' very carefully. with my special lavender soap
hey pea, don't forget about the 'scrubs'. they are made with sugar or salt. they peel off that top layer of skin and make you look at least 10 years younger in a matter of minutes!!!

actually, the brown sugar scrub i went thru in about 1 week, i really,really wanted to eat it, or bake with it!!!
oh the brown sugar scrub from salt spring island...I never got to use mine, I made cookies with it...yummy delicious
acckkkkk, i thought those cookies tasted rather 'familiar'. whoa pea, that is one scary thought.

hey - how about making an oreo cookie scrub? we might be on to something there.....must talk over a coffee about.

ehm, you and hammie on tuesday night, i think i know what to expect on that weekly ritual. no need to tell any more........
Well there you go thinking the worse of me and hammie...we are working on civil disobedience I will have you know...in fact we could use you for a mascot....

in fact we could use you for a mascot....

exactly what kinda mascot are you thinking of?????
I dunno...something we could strap to the front of the boat
OK Pea...you will have to show me the soap shops whilst I'm over- I'll have to bring some back with me.
I will emma, yummy delicious :P guilty pleasures Emma my friend just returned from 2 weeks in britian....oh boy... he says you do not have proper toilets there, you have to dial to flush ..also everything is very SMALL over there...like rooms and such. Also you do not have proper coffee...nescafe ...
Hard-Luck Henry
Your friend is off his trolley. We have all those things, p., even your precious Starbucks. Listen: *whooossshhhhh*. That's the sound of my loo flushing after I pulled it's handle. (dial-a-flush; why I've never hoid of such a thing). My bathroom is small, though.

That's the sound of my loo flushing after I pulled it's handle.

Pulled the handle? hmmmmm. interesting.
Yes thats it twila!!! he said pulled or turned something....not like our dispensers at all Also henry, he was out in the country or small town...they only have starbucks in the city. *sticks tongue out at henry* :P Nescafe....do they still make that
Hard-Luck Henry
Yes, they do still make Nescafe - but I don't buy it: Nestle is evil boo, hiss, very bad!

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