what are you wearing right now

Rick van Opbergen
dunno whether he is a relative of me peapod ... tattoos are not common in my family ... but I only have a small family ... and I'm not familiar with what my female cousin is doing in the weekends ...
Gee Haggis ... when you said "bike clothes" I immediately thought of black leather chaps, black leather jacket with zippers and tassels and, of course, high heeled Daytons! That's the "bike clothes" I keep in my closet!
The Dutchman is famous, Rick:

www.dutchman-tattoos.com/ (external - login to view)

I don't have any of his work. Yet.

Rev ... you paint the kind of mental picture that assists me in lowering my caloric intake! Gad. I agree with peapod ... Mrs. Rev must be a most interesting woman!
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmo

Gee Haggis ... when you said "bike clothes" I immediately thought of black leather chaps, black leather jacket with zippers and tassels and, of course, high heeled Daytons! That's the "bike clothes" I keep in my closet!

8-) Nah, yours are the cool biker clothes, mine are the highly uncool bicycle clothes, attractive to nobody, just efficient at doing the job they are required to do.
Rick van Opbergen
funny website cosmo
Quote: Originally Posted by Rick van Opbergen

funny website cosmo

*sigh* He laughs at a dream.

Young man (gad, I always wanted to use that term!) ... the Dutchman is legend among us tattooed freaks!! He is to tattoos what the Pope is to Catholics! Without the funny hats, of course.

Wearing ... this morning I decided to try some of the fashion statements here. The saran wrap was particularly appealing but since I was almost out I had to use tinfoil. Turns out that's even better ... stops all those messages from space! Looks particularly nice with the toque, by the way.
You still got those biker cloths eh cosmo :P rabbit and leather, nice combo :P careful someone does not take a shot at you :P right now I am wearing my halloween costume :P making sure everything is right :P
Peapod ... you MUST post a pic of you in your costume!! It's not fair the raisins are the only ones who get to see you!!
hehe..you will see it, galaniomama and I are going out trick or treating, so we will take pics. Right now mama is hiding out :P she did her usual trick again this weekend on sunday she was suppose to come over, help me in the garden, her idea, not mine, oh ya she made the plans, everything was gonna get done, and she would get her dahalia bulbs, and we were going for lunch etc....come sunday....where is galaniomama? well that is a good question??????????????? and when I called nobody was home....so now she is hiding cause like this is the millionth time she has pulled this stuff...the women is a digbat :P but I love her anyway, and so will you cosmo
Galianiomomma sounds like me, peapod ... all that making plans then hiding. I think your friends were put here to teach you patience, no?

Don't forget that curry you promised me ... we are arriving late Sunday night.
Rick van Opbergen
Did you scare galianomama in some sort of way peapod?
:P :P :P I never scared galaniomama away, she is hiding out, cause she keeps making the plans and than forgets about them and wanders off somewhere else :P We meet up last night, she had to suck up to me for at least an hour :P but I forgave her, she paid for the coffee :P she will be around the board today :P
Rick van Opbergen
so paying your coffee is enough for you? I'd say: slap her (not too hard though, a gentile slap is OK)
Beige turtleneck
Navy V-neck sweater
Blue bootleg denim jeans
Black Doc Marten boots
Beige v-neck with a tie long sleeved shirt
Jeans...but I won't say what size pea
My glasses, to lazy for contacts today.

Dang...I should have just said a smile , and seen what kind of response I got...ah well
Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmo

Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

You have body piercings I thought the tatoos were a bit much now this

Oh, didn't I mention those?

Already got my next tat2 planned ... one of the first things I'm doing when I get to the rock!!

I have my tongue ring and all my earrings in too, and of course, my tat's...yep all 5 here and accounted for

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